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Board Member Details

Mr. Ahmed Hassan El- Nahas

Mr. Ahmed El-Nahas attended Victoria College in Cairo and furthered his studies in Lausanne, graduating from Ecole Hôtelière De La SSH in 1961. Prior to returning to his native Egypt, he was trained in several Swiss Hotels, rounding out the theory learned at school until 1963. Back in Cairo, he joined the Nile Hilton as Captain and was promoted to positions of increased responsibility in the Food and Beverage Department until 1966, when he became Banquet Manager of the Hotel. A year later, he was sent to the Cavalieri Hilton Hotel in Rome to undergo a training program, which prepared him for his next assignment as Food and Beverage Manager of the new Kuwait Hilton Hotel.
By 1969, his long experience, familiarity with Hilton International methods, and his fluency in Arabic, English, French and Italian, enabled him to become the first Manager of the newly opened Al Ain Hilton in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The great success of this hotel led to the construction of the Abu Dhabi Hilton. In June 1972, Mr. El-Nahas was named General Manager of both operations. Mr. El-Nahas had been given additional responsibilities as Director in the United Arab Emirates. In this position he had overseen the operation of the Fujairah Hilton, Dubai Hilton, Abu Dhabi Hilton, Al Ain Hilton, Kuwait Hilton, and Bahrain Hilton. On July 1979 he had, once again, returned back to Egypt as General Manager of Nile Hilton Hotel. He then prepared for the opening of the Ramses Hilton Hotel, which he headed as General Manager. On July 1980, he was given additional responsibilities, whereby he became Director for all Hilton International Hotels in Egypt, namely, Nile Hilton, Isis and Osiris Floating Hotels, Fayrouz Village in Sharm EI-Sheikh, Luxor Hilton Hotel as well as Ramses Hilton Hotel.
On March 1990, he was promoted as Vice President, Egypt, Gulf and Sudan. In 1994 he was promoted to Senior Vice President Middle East and Africa and in October 1997 he became the Area President overlooking 32 Hilton Hotels, 21 of which he himself signed the management agreement. In 1998 again he was promoted to become President, Middle East and Africa and Board Member of Hilton International. After 36 years of service with Hilton, Ahmed decided to retire, so as not to break the ties with Hilton, he has agreed to become a Consultant for five years, helping in different aspects of the business and in particular with development opportunities in the Middle East and Africa. In 1999, he was given the title of President of the Egyptian Hotel Association and in 2002 he was elected as Vice President of the Egyptian Tourism Federation. Then in 2005, he was elected as the Chairman of the Egyptian Tourism Federation (ETF). Mr. El-Nahas has been elected again as Chairman of the ETF for its fourteenth term of 2008 – 2011.

Other Current Appointments:
- Chairman, Arab International Company for Hotels and Tourism