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Board Member Details

Mr. Ahmed Mohey El Dein Abu El Ezz

Mr. Abu El Ezz has over 30 years of diverse experience in Banque Misr, during which he held several senior posts including occupying the prestigious position of the General Manager of Banque Misr’s main branch. His current post is the Director of Central Operations at Banque Misr.

Mr. Abu El Ezz had represented Banque Misr as a Board Member in 4 boards: Banque Misr Exterior, Egyptian Global Fund for Investment and Belton. He also acted on behalf of the bank in a number of important banking conferences and financial gatherings in Kuwait, Bahrain, the UAE, and Egypt. He is also a member of the Board in BML (Banque Misr Liban), Misr Capital Investments, and Banque Misr Foundation for Community Development and Welfare.

Mr. Abu El Ezz completed a number of intensive training programs including the ”Senior Executive Program for the Middle East” offered by Harvard Business School (USA). Mr. Abu El Ezz is a certified Board Member from Egyptian financial supervisory authority (EFSA) and the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) - USA. He also holds the “Future Leaders Certificate” from the Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI).

Other Current Appointments:

- Board Member, Kafr El Zayat Pesticides and Chemicals Co. (S.A.E)
- Board Member, Misr Alexandria Fund For Financial Investments