Service Description and Client Selection

Service Description

The BM VIP service is provided to our most valued clients with savings assets (savings accounts and deposits, certificates, current accounts, and day-to-day accounts, etc.) that have recorded an average of between EGP 2 million and EGP 5 million (or the equivalent in other currencies) over the past six months.


Privileges granted to clients through the bank’s existing services and products

  • Specialized customer service areas at the bank’s branches nationwide
  • The service is complimentary and does not incur any fees
  • The following communication channels are available at our customer service hotline (19888) to serve this segment of clients:
    • A specialized channel at the customer service hotline for this segment of clients
    • The number 01011119888 is designated for receiving text messages from this segment of clients
    • VIP customers can email enquiries and complaints to
  • A check book, free of any charges
  • A VIP day-to-day account, with daily incremental interest on deposits, in accordance with the account’s credit, with a distinctly high interest rate
  • Competitive interest rates on savings deposits
  • Exemption/discounts on certain fees and tariffs levied on customers
  • Special credit card limits for clients in Egypt and abroad (both cash withdrawals and purchases)

The Local Concierge service is a service to provide a number of services (free of subscription fees):

  • Travel arrangements anywhere inside Egypt, including hotel bookings, airline bookings, airport reception and transport services
  • Dinner party reservations, including restaurant and cuisine.
  • Reservations for beauty and health centers
  • Shopping services and gift selection assistance (available in Cairo and Alexandria)
  • Theater, cinema, and cultural events ticket reservations
  • Packages specialized for children and women, including children’s skills and camps
  • A number of services are provided to customers, including government, mail, car rental, and traffic emergency services
  • Various discounts and special offers in restaurants, hotels, and services

 (The customer shall bear the fees of the transportation in addition to the fees of the services provided in accordance with the invoices submitted to the customer in this regard)


* For more information, please call 19888 – Select the BMVIP Customers and press(#) – Then enter your Banking ID number


Local Concierge Terms & Conditions



About the MasterCard World card issued to BM VIP customers

The MasterCard World debit card, issued by Banque Misr for the first time in Egypt, is a unique debit card providing distinguished benefits and services to clients. You can read about all of these benefits and services by clicking on the following link:

 arrow_tt2.gifGuide to MasterCard World benefitsWorld Card.png

MasterCard World terms of use


MasterCard World card

Cash withdrawals outside Egypt

$1,000 monthly limit

Cash withdrawals in Egypt through Banque Misr and other bank ATMs

10 withdrawals per day, at a maximum value of EGP 20,000 per day

Cash withdrawals in Egypt through Banque Misr and other bank POS

No limit, in accordance with the account credit

Purchases abroad

$6,000 monthly limit

Purchases in Egypt

No limit, in accordance with the account credit