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Credit Cards







First: Visa Cards

  • Classic:

Issued with credit limit from EGP 1,000 to EGP 150,000

  • Gold:
Issued with credit limit from EGP 20,000 to EGP 150,000
  • Platinum:


  • Lowest interest rate on debt
  • The credit card is accepted internationally at various institutions and commercial centers around the world
  • Universal withdrawal services from any ATMs, locally and internationally
  • You can repay your purchases in installments through the Banque Misr Call Center (19888)
  • Special privileges provided by Banque Misr and Visa Inc., including:
    • Special offers and discounts at the finest shopping centers in Egypt and abroad
    • Purchase protection
    • Entry to VIP lounges at 25 international airports worldwide 
    • Extended warranty period
    • Various travel benefits and services
    • Free SMS service

* VISA Platinum Credit Advantage. 


Second: MasterCard

Banque Misr provides three types of MasterCard Credit Cards:

  • MasterCard Classic
Issued with credit limit from EGP 1,000 to 150,000


MasterCard Businessmen

Card can be issued to all employees working in companies and institutions. The MasterCard can be used in processing all payments related to work, so it is considered as an alternative for the custody disbursed by companies or institutions to the employees especially during travelling abroad. Transactions made by this card will be discounted from the company’s direct account, thus the card is a simplified way to settle and pay the custody disbursed to the employees. These cards are issued with credit limit ranges from EGP 1,000 to EGP 150,000.
  • MasterCard Gold
Issued with credit limit ranges from EGP 20,000 to EGP 150,000
  • MasterCard Internet Card

Issued with credit limit ranges from EGP 250 to EGP 15,000 online use only


The Uses of Credit Cards 

Paying fixed lines phones bills at Telecom Egypt, and mobile phones bills Vodafone and Mobinil online, in addition to other websites contracted with Banque Misr.


Payment Facilities

  • The card provides its cardholder with payment facilities to pay the card's transaction (cash withdrawal - Purchases) in the grace period that reach 57 days for Visa and MasterCards.
  • The card enables its holders to pay part of the card's dues monthly with a minimum limit of 5% for all kinds of Visa and MasterCard Cards.

Multiple Benefits offered by Credit Card

  • Obtaining Banque Misr Premium Card is enabling its cardholder to make purchases at different commercial outlets
  • More information about the card's transactions are available through the subscription to the Online Banking service available on bank's official website for free at (This service is available for MasterCard Holders only).
  • Obtaining a number of extra cards for family members of minimum age of 16 years old.
  • Sending SMS messages for the customer for (Issuing or Renewing the Card/ Minimum limit of payment required monthly/ any transaction made by the card and remaining amount).

Insurance coverage represented as follows:

Free accidental death insurance with a value reach:

  • EGP 3,000 for Visa Card Classic
  • EGP 30,000 for Visa Card Gold
  • EGP 5,000 for MasterCard Classic
  • EGP 10,000 for MasterCard Business
  • EGP 20,000 for MasterCard Gold
Installment Services for Several Stores:

Banque Misr is providing a distinguished service for credit cards holders issued from the bank to pay their purchases via installments at several stores (Mobile Shop - Radio Shack - Computer Shop - Compu Me - ...etc.) with an interest free for six months or a year, the amount of the monthly installment will be deducted from the credit card's account issued for the customer from Banque Misr, with the availability to of making purchases with the repaid amounts which allow the sustainability of the service.


Credit Card Conditions

  • Minimum age of 21 years for the card's applicant and 16 years old for the additional cards
  • Applicants should have a regular income (employee, commercial or industrial activity owner, free professions/self-employed) or have one of the saving schemes from Banque Misr

Main Documents required for obtaining the Card

  • A photocopy of national identity card.
  • A recent utility bill (electricity – landline – Gas – Water) issued within the past three month under the name of the applicant or one of his/her first degree relatives as a proof of residence along with a proof of kinship.
  •  Proof of Income Documents:
  • An accredited employment verification letter from the concerned department clarifying (Annual or monthly income/ job position/ hiring date), with a maximum validity period of 2 months           Or
  • 3 recent salary receipts, whereas one of them should be issued one year from submission date.    Or
  • A bank statement showing salary transfer, whereas one of the transfer transactions was executed a year ago.
Free professions/ commercial/industrial activity owner
  • A recent transcript of the tax card and commercial registry
  • A Photocopy of work permit, tax card, and syndicate card.
Free professions/ commercial/industrial activity owner
For the free professions one of the below documents should be submitted:
  • A bank statement (original/photocopy) for the last 6 months accredited from the issuing bank under the client’s name or the company’s name.
  • An accredited certificate from one of the central bank certified chartered accountants.
  • A certificate from the tax authority identifying the client's income for the last year.