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Debit Cards






The debit cards are issued through Banque Misr branches, which are scattered all over the country. The debit cards provide access to the cardholder’s account(s) (Current Account – Saving Account- Certificates…) at any time or place. The cards are also distinguished for being accepted globally and facilitating purchases around the corner or around the world.


Types of Debit Cards


1)       Visa Electron  

2)       Direct Debit MasterCard


Debit Card Uses 

·         Shopping at all outlets around the globe (merchants, hotels, restaurants, etc.) through the use of a Personal Identification Number.

·         Cash withdrawal from all ATMs spread around the world by using Personal Identification Number.

·         Cash withdrawal from all BM branches during the official working hours. Also, cash withdrawal is available 24 hours a day through BM’s touristic offices in hotels and airports.

·         Accessibility to all Fawry services (bills Payment, balance recharge, etc) through Banque Misr  ATMs.            

        Multiple Benefits

1.       Banque Misr's Direct Debit Card is characterized with offering the most up-to-date electronic payment Chip Card which offers various benefits to its holders:


a.         Safe credit card payment system even more secure since the user is required to enter the pin code to complete transactions.

b.       More flexibility.


2.       The client can link more than one account whether current account, savings, or certificates, but not exceeding 6 accounts.

3.       The client is allowed to transfer money from one account to another via Banque Misr's ATMs.  

4.       The client chooses the pin code of his/her card to be used later through the bank's ATMs.

5.       The client can also check the balance of each account through Banque Misr's ATMs 24 hours a day.  

6.       The possibility for using all the cardholder's private accounts as a single unit i.e. in case of insufficient balance in basic balance to perform the required transaction, a deduction would be made on another account with available balance. This would be in accordance with the order preference of each account as described by the client in his/her request form.

7.       For more information about the card's transactions, the client can subscribe to the Online Banking service which is provided through the bank's official website for free . The service is available for MasterCard holders only.  

8.       The client can obtain extra cards for family members on condition that their ages do not exceed 16 years old.

9.        The card is valid for 5 years.  

10.     The client can use the credit card in shops, hotels, restaurants, and other outlets worldwide through entering your pin code.

11.    Customers can withdraw cash from any ATMs worldwide 24 hours a day through entering your pin code.

12.    Cash payment would be made during the official working hours through the bank's branches nationwide and 24 hours a day via the bank's offices in touristic regions such as hotels and airports.

13.    The client has access to all the services provided by Fawry Company (bills payment, balance recharge, etc) through the bank's ATMs.


Debit Card Conditions

·         Minimum age of 21 years for the card's applicant and 16 years old for the additional cards

·         Applicants must maintain an account (Current, Saving, Certificates, etc.) with Banque Misr.

Main documents required 

A photo copy of a valid national identity card