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Consumer Loans

​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Other Consumer LOANS

• Financing Micro Enterprises ( El Batal )

• Small and Medium Sized Businesses Finance ( Mashroey)

• Financing Medium Enterprises ( El Rabeh)

• The Mortgage Loan

• Car Loan 

• Durable Good Loans 

Loans for purchase of consumer goods

• Personal Loan

Loans guaranteed by documents of BANQUE MISR investment funds

Loans for purchasing national goods and products .

Loans for purchase of consumer goods :

These loans are offered to employees in government, public business sector, banks, investment sector and private sector, for purchasing durable consumer goods, guaranteed through transfer of salary.

• Loans are given with a maximum of 10 month salary for the debtor and the same for the guarantor

• The loan amount calculation is based on the total salary transferred, with a maximum of LE 8000.

• Repayment is made by monthly installments with a maximum of 48 months.

• A consumer interest of 8% annually is charged.

• The loan can be reciprocal for each of the debtor and the guarantor.


Loans guaranteed by documents of BANQUE MISR Mutual fund (First Issue – Second Issue):

For documents of the First Issue, loans are given with a maximum of 60% of the nominal or market value of the document used as collateral, whichever is less.

For documents of the Second Issue, loans are given with a maximum of 50% of the recovery value, provided that the interest to be paid should be added to the debit account.

Interest rate on the loan is the bank's prevailing interest rate for 3-month deposits plus 2%. It will apply through the term of the loan and is reviewed upon renewal only.

Loans guaranteed by Mutual Funds' Certificates should not be for the purpose of buying new certificates.

Loans for purchasing national goods and products :

Loans are extended to employees in government and other sectors, for financing the purchase of national goods and products, through the finance available from the Central Bank of Egypt for re-lending through BANQUE MISR branches countrywide, according to the following conditions:

• The applicant should be a permanent employee, with more than three years of service with his current employer.

• The applicant should not have obtained previous loans from any branch of BANQUE MISR or other banks or agencies.

• The total loan shall be one quarter of the borrower's salary times the number of installments required (24 installments).

• A simple interest rate is charged to the total loan at 6% annually for the term of the loan, with no other commissions or charges.

• The interest collected shall be deducted from the amount of the loan or added, according to the wish of the client.

• A Guarantor from the same agency where the borrower is working should co-sign.

• Reciprocal loans can be given to both the borrower and the Guarantor, provided that 25 % of the salary of one of them covers the total amount of the two loans.