Education Loan program from Banque Misr

(Financing the different stages of education; school education, undergraduate education, post-graduate education and specialized training courses)


Education loan is granted to Egyptians through the following financing programs: 

  • Employees with an undertaking from the employer to transfer the salary/monthly installment.
  • Employees by virtue of a proof of income.
  • Liberal Professionals / Entrepreneurs.
  • Pensioners / Individuals entitled to pension (with or without an undertaking to transfer the pension)
  • Saving Schemes owners (Egyptians and Foreigners).

General benefits of financing programs:

  • Competitive interest rate.
  • Loan value reaches up to 500 thousand EGP.
  • Loan amount reaches up to 100% of the value of tuition fees.
  • Installment period up to 84 months.
  • Borrower’s maximum age is 65 years at the loan maturity date or reaching the retirement age, whichever comes first.

Further benefits:

  • Free insurance policy is granted during loan validity period.
  • The possibility of financing a whole stage of education in full.   

Main required documents:

  • Certified statement with the tuition fees.
  • Copy of a valid National ID card.
  • Original copy of a recent utility bill addressed to the customer’s address (electricity – gas – water – telephone).

Documents required for Employees:  

  • Income proof certificate.
  • Employer’s undertaking (bank’s form) (in case of salary transfer only).

Documents required for pensioners and individuals entitled to pension:

  • Statement approved by the authority from which the pension is paid determining the value of pension and customer’s capacity in addition to customer’s signature on an acknowledgment in which the customer declares that transferring the pension will not be suspended throughout the loan duration (in case of pension transfer without an undertaking).
  •  Statement determining pension beneficiaries (in case of individuals entitled to pension).
  • An undertaking from the General Authority for Social Security and Pensions or the authority entitled to transfer the pension (in case of pension transfer by virtue of an undertaking).

Documents required for Liberal Professionals and Entrepreneurs:

  • Copy of the tax card.
  • For liberal professionals; a copy of the license/work permit to exercise such profession is required.
  • For Entrepreneurs; a copy of a recent official extract from the commercial registry is required.


 *Terms and Conditions apply​