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The Hajj and Umrah Murabaha

The idea of the product:

It is a future installment Murabaha program to finance the costs and expenses of pilgrimage (hajj) and Umrah services, based on the Murabaha system, where the customer first obtains a prices offer from a tourism company. Afterwards, the bank repays the value of the expenses to the tourism company, then the Murabaha process is carried out with a profit margin that is agreed upon. The total value of the expenses, as well as the profit margin, is distributed on a group of installments that the bank and the client both agree upon.

The Hajj and Umrah Murabaha is provided to Egyptians through the following funding programs:

  • Employees with the pledge of employer to transfer salary/monthly installment.
  • Employees with proof of income.
  • Self-employed individuals and owners of commercial and industrial activities with a proof of income.
  • Owners of saving funds.

The general conditions to provide Murabaha:

  • A competitive rate of return.
  • The minimum age is 21 and the maximum is 60 for employees, and 65 for the self-employed and owners of commercial and industrial activities at the expiry date of the Murabaha period.
  • Maximum value of Murabaha is EGP 400,000 for Hajj and EGP 100,000 for Umrah.
  • The maximum financing rate is 100% of the trip’s value.
  • The maximum of the Murabaha period is 72 months for Hajj and 48 months for Umrah.

Basic documents required:

  • An application to request Hajj and Umrah Murabaha.
  • A copy of a valid National ID card.
  • An recent bill (gas/electricity/water/land line) on the residence place.
  • A price offer of the tourism company with the value of the trip required to be funded.

For employees:

  • A statement of the salary breakdown.
  • The employer’s pledge to transfer salary/monthly installment (in case of the employer’s pledge).

For self-employed individuals and owners of commercial and industrial activities:

  • A copy of the tax card.
  • An official transcript of the commercial record of the commercial and industrial activities.
  • A permit for profession practicing for the self-employed.
  • A statement of account of a six-month period.

Additional benefits:

  1. All according to the provisions of the Islamic Shariaa (law) and under the supervision of a legitimate authority.
  2. The possibility of performing religious rites in installments.
  3. The possibility of financing the Hajj and Umrah trips for first degree relatives.
  4. The possibility of financing Hajj and Umrah trips for any individual whether relatives or non-relatives with the guarantee of saving funds.
  5. The possibility of financing spouses’ trips for Hajj and Umrah Murabaha.
  6. The possibility of financing Hajj and Umrah trips of pensioners and beneficiaries of pensions.
  7. Not requiring transferring the salary or installment in the case of governmental and private sector employees.
  8. A free insurance document against death and total disability throughout the Murabaha period.
  9. A free insurance document against death for clients eligible for pensions.


*All terms and conditions apply