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Banque Misr’s Islamic Credit Cards (Kenana)



The Concept

  • Banque Misr (Kenana) offers Islamic credit cards, as payment method for the purchase of varied goods and services through points of sale machines (POS) inside and outside Egypt.
  • Under the terms of the Murabaha, Banque Misr issue a credit card statement using Murabha process listing the sum of purchases done by the cardholder (divided into 12 months). This is in case of not paying in full the due amount before the 27th of the each month from date of card transaction. However, if the cardholder pays the whole due amount in time, there will be no need to execute the Murabaha transaction.


Types of Islamic Credit Cards (Kenana):

  • MasterCard Classic (Kenana)

With credit limit of a maximum of EGP 2.000-150.000

  • MasterCard Gold (Kenana)

With credit limit of a maximum of EGP 20.000-150.000


Credit Card uses:

  • You can use the credit card in shops, hotels, restaurants, and other outlets worldwide by entering your Pin code and at any of the points of sale machines (POS).
  • Customers can purchase any halal goods and services inside and outside Egypt. 


Payment Facilities

  • The payment due date on all credit cards' types is 57 days to pay off the card user's purchases and cash withdrawals.
  • The card enables the cardholders to pay his/her monthly purchases into 12 monthly installments.
  • The card enables a cash payment in the Egyptian Pound through all the Bank's branches nationwide during the official working hours and 24 hours a day via the bank's offices located in touristic regions like hotels and airports.
  • In case of having a current account or savings at Banque Misr, the cardholder can link them to his/her credit card's account, so that the payment of total outstanding or the minimum amount due would be processed on monthly basis, in accordance with the cardholder's balance preferences for the account.


Multiple Benefits

  • The client can obtain Banque Misr Premium Card, which facilitates his/her spending in various commercial outlets as well as enjoy interest-free installments for purchases up to 10 months. The amount of the monthly installment would be paid through his/her credit card account. 
  • The client can enjoy multiple discounts offered by Banque Misr in cooperation with many commercial outlets when the purchase is done through BM card at one of those outlets. 
  • The client can use the card in the purchase of mobile phones via interest free installments up to 12 months at any branches of Mobile Shop, Radio Shack, and Smart Homes. 
  • The card can also be used in paying interest free installments up to 6 months for domestic tours arranged by Egypt Air's official travel and tours agency, Karnak Travels. 
  • Clients can pay their fixed telephone bills via Telecom Egypt’s websites in addition to other websites contracted with Banque Misr. 
  • For more information about the card's transactions, the client can subscribe to the Online Banking service which is provided through the bank's official website for free at
  • The client can obtain extra cards for family members if their ages do not exceed 16 years old. 
  • The bank sends the client an SMS for the activation of the new card or a card renewal notification. The SMS is also designed to send SMS when there is a detected account activity to check his/her bank account balance, or to send a notification of the amount of the minimum repayment required by end of the month. 


Islamic Credit Card (Kenana) offers clients insurance coverage as follows

Free insurance against death due to accident, worth:

  • EGP 5.000 for MasterCard Classic (Kenana).
  • EGP 20.000 for MasterCard Gold (Kenana).


Conditions for obtaining the credit card

  • Applicant’s age should be at least 21 years old and 16 years old for accompanying cards.
  • Applicant should have periodical income (Employee- Commercial or industrial activity owner – free professions/self-employed) or  Acquire Banque Misr guaranteed saving schemes


Main documents required

  • A photo copy of a valid national ID card
  • A recent  utilities receipt (Gas– Electricity – Water – landline) referring to the place of residence for the last 3 months under the name of the applicant or a first degree relative along with documents in evidence of relationship.
  • Proof of income documents:-

For the employees

  • An Authorized  HR letter from the concerned department clarifying (Annual/monthly income/ position/ hiring date), whereas the issued letter date should not exceed a  two months period from  submission date
  • 3 recent  salary receipts, whereas one of them should be issued one year from submission date 
  • Bank statement showing salaries transfer, whereas one of the transfer transactions was executed a year ago

For Free professions and those who have commercial and industrial activities

  • Recent  transcript  of the tax card  and commercial register

For the Self-employed

  • A Photocopy of the license / permit to practice the profession

For the free professions
One of the below documents should be submitted:

  • A banking statement (original/photocopy) for the recent 6 months certified from the bank with the consumer’s name or the company’s name
  • A certification from one of the central bank of Egypt's certified chartered accountants
  • A certification from the tax authority identifying the customer's income for the last year.