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Micro Finance Projects



Micro finance projects 

-     Banque Misr contributes in supporting outstanding projects for development, expansion and renovation through financing projects that facilitate permanent job opportunities to increase production and income.

-    The bank aims to finance all outstanding activities being commercial or industrial or services for micro enterprises with a range from 1000 pounds  to 100000 pounds. The repayment period reaches two years by monthly installments and with competitive interest rates.

-     Banque Misr serves the owners of micro enterprises through 120 branches in Egypt.

-    The bank provides loans to finance working investment of micro enterprises provided that they have been working for at least one year.


-     Being an Egyptian having a full mental capacity.

-     Age not less than 21 years and not more than 65 years by the loan maturity date. In case of being 65 years old, a guarantor who won’t’ be more than 65 years old by the maturity date must be involved.

-     A joint guarantor.

-     Reading and writing skill for the borrower and the guarantor.