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Small Enterprises Projects

Small enterprises projects 

·    Financing all kinds of individual facilities, partnerships and stock corporations being industrial or commercial or   services or free professions as well as environment-friendly activities.

·    Finance through short and medium term loans for working capital and to finance machinery, local and imported new or used equipments.

·    Medium term loans range between 50 thousand pounds and 2 million pounds to finance outstanding activities.

·    Medium term loan for new projects ranges from 50 thousand pounds to EGP 250 thousand pounds.

·    Medium term loans to be repaid through monthly or quarterly installments with competitive interest rates. 

The required documents

  • Copy of article of association of the facility.
  • Recent issue of commercial register, copy of taxation card.
  • Copy of professional license.
  • Tax and insurance status.
  • Copy of ownership document or rent contract.
  • One budget for loans starts  from 500 thousand pound to 1 million pound and two budgets for loans that exceed more than one million Egyptian pounds.