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Small Enterprises Projects

Small enterprises projects 

Financing very small projects, in accordance with the Central Bank of Egypt’s initiative


Financing small projects (Mashrou’y - Mashrouak)


General specifications:

  • Banque Misr contributes to supporting projects that are based on development, expansion, replacement, and renewal through financing projects that provide permanent job opportunities, and that increase production and income.
  • Financing all kinds of establishments, whether individuals, companies, and funds in all activities, including industrial, commercial, services, liberal professions, as well as environmentally-friendly activities, with sales between EGP 1 million and less than EGP 20 million.
  • Funding is provided through short- and medium-term loans to finance working capital, as well as new and used local and imported machinery and equipment.
  • The value of medium-term loans ranges from EGP 100,000 to EGP 2 million to finance existing and new activities.
  • 5% interest rate (low, declining interest)
  • For recently-founded enterprises, the paid-up capital according to the Commercial Registry should be as follows:-
    • From EGP 50,000 to EGP 5 million for industrial projects
    • From EGP 50,000 to EGP 3 million for non-industrial projects


Required documents:

  • Copy of the enterprise establishment contract.
  • A recent document from the Commercial Registry and a copy of the tax card.
  • Copy of the license to practice the activity.
  • Tax and insurance status.
  • Copy of the project or lease document.
  • Budgets since the beginning of the business activity, with a maximum of three budgets for existing companies.