Internet and Mobile Banking BM Online registration steps for Egyptians living abroad



Please follow the following steps:

  1. Print the Internet and Mobile Banking BM Online application form (Click here to download the applicationform)

  2. Fill in the form with all required data, choose the registration method, and sign it with your verified bank signature

  3. Attach a photocopy of your valid National ID or valid passport to the following address (1187 Cornish Elnil Street – Cairo Plaza Building – 2nd floor – Cairo - Egypt)

Once your application and required documents are received, the bank verifies your signature, and immediately activates the service. You will receive an activation confirmation text message via SMS on the mobile phone number registered in our system.


Please visit the link sent in the text message to complete your registration as follows:

  • If you choose personal registration, please follow the steps mentioned in the registration manual (Click here to download the manual)

  • If you choose registration through the bank, the text message will include the username and password. This password will be valid for 6 hours after the text is sent.



  • please write your international phone number in the application form
  • Please select the registration method: Registration through Banque Misr with a view only profile or Self-registration with full privilege (Open account-issue credit/debit card,issue certificate/time deposit,etc..)
  • Please indicate the service required in the application form (Electronic Service for banque customer - BM Wallet)
  •  In case the password is expired before you use it, please send a “Reset password” request from the email you entered in the Internet and Mobile Banking application form along with your username that was shared in the previous message from bank Misr + the phone number registered with the bank to and the bank will send you a new password