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Project establishing a scientific center at the Children’s Creativity and Civilization Center (Children’s Museum), in collaboration with the Heliopolis Association


The idea to establish a scientific center at the Children’s Creativity and Civilization Center (Children’s Museum) came to complement the comprehensive museum education system, and in keeping with the largest children’s museums internationally. Scientific centers have become an essential requirement in children’s museums worldwide, whereby such a center reinforces the museum’s role in society. The project aims to promote the flourishing of the most advanced educational sciences, through scientific experiments that children can do themselves.

The displays at the scientific center, including biology, chemistry, and physics, will respond to all the questions on both children’s and adult’s minds. Moreover, it will allow for the completion of the educational system at all stages, and is considered supplementary to school curricula, aiming to compensate for the deficiencies in some schools, such as the lack of equipment in labs. The project also aims to support children’s and adults’ scientific skills, and to discover their creative talents and support them and develop them to build a better Egypt.


Project objectives:


  • Supporting interactive learning for children and families
  • Supporting and simplifying school curricula (biology, chemistry, and physics)
  • Introducing children and families to the Ancient Egyptians’ contributions to science
  • Supporting children’s scientific skills outside of school curricula, and discovering their creative talents