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Ain Shams University Hospitals

Demerdash Hospital was established as a charity hospital in 1931. This was followed by

the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine inside the hospital in 1947. There are nine Ain Shams University Hospitals, including: the Paediatric Hospital, the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Hospital, the Heart Disease and Surgery Hospital, and the Diabetes and Obesity Hospital.

  • The foundation contributed to equipping the intensive care unit at the surgery hospital, whereby it contributed to executing the construction work in the hospital and supplying all the necessary medical equipment, including 29 beds. The total cost of the equipment and construction recorded EGP 10 million. The unit was inaugurated in the second half of February 2015, in the presence of the Prime Minister. Additionally, the foundation supports the nursing costs of unit on an annual basis.


  • This is in addition to providing the medical equipment for the burn unit and the ophthalmology unit, the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Hospital and the Internal Medicine Hospital.


  • It also supported equipping two isolation and care rooms in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, which falls under the Clinical Diseases and Tumours Unit in Ain Shams University's Internal Medicine Hospital, as well as equipping washrooms in the Central Hospital.


  • The foundation also completed the equipping of the New Children's Hospital, the cost of which recorded EGP 14 million to provide medical equipment for the intensive care unit for children and infants, as well as the accommodation requirements.