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Sponsorship project for 50 families in Dewei’a, in collaboration with Gannat ElKhulood Charity Association





Several problems have led to the creation of the informal community in Dewei’a, the most important of which are the lack of education and poverty that characterized the majority of the families living in the area. This has led to the growth of the informal settlement, and the eruption of several diseases and the general deterioration of children’s health. Many parents have been forced to pull their children out of school, pushing them to work in professions that are detrimental to their health in order to financially benefit from the children. This has led to the appearance of street children, as well as criminal elements, while some women have resorted to illegitimate work.


Project activities:


  • Providing basic food, clothing and health requirements for 50 families in Dewei’a
  • Training mothers to encourage education and development, and on how to deal with children
  • Behavioral adjustment for 50 mothers in Dewei’a
  • Providing school equipment for 100 students
  • Providing comprehensive healthcare to 50 families


Project timeframe: one year