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Donation of 10 kiosks in Sohag- Jehina District





 Sohag governorate locates in Upper Egypt. It is located in the southern part of the country, 500 km far from Cairo. The governorate covers an area of 11.000 square km. Population and economic activities locate only locate in 14.5% of the total area. Sohag population is estimated by 3.7 million people who are mostly rural characters.


The governorate population are being distributed in 11 administrative centers from the north to the south: Tima, Tahta, Juhayna, Al Maragha, Sakulta, Sohag, Akhmim, Al Mansha, Girga, Al Balyana, Dar Al Salam.


Sohag is classified the twentieth among Egypt’s governorates in which 13% of its population live in sever poverty meanwhile, 45.8% of its population live below the poverty threshold. Egypt Human Development report 2008 also indicates that 34.5% of the governorate’s total population need programs and projects that could alleviate their poverty and improve their economic standards.


Sohag nearly includes 50% of the poorest villages in Egypt. That led to the spread of unemployment and poverty in addition to many social and health problems, high rates of illiteracy, lack of cultural, social, environmental, health and economic awareness.



The Village


Population main activity

Services available in the Village


Al Hammas



Agriculture / livestock farming projects

Primary School / Preparatory School / Primary Azhari Institute / Two Pharmacies / Post Office


Al Horayzat Al Gharbeya



Agriculture / livestock farming / Commercial projects

Two Primary Schools / Preparatory School for boys and girls / Primary Azhari Institute / Health Unit / Five Pharmacies / Medical Lab / Post Office / Community Development Association / Agricultural Association / Sporting Club



Project’s activity:

  • Establishing re-enrolment, illiteracy eliminating classes, and schools for students drop out of school
  • Activating school activities for five schools that serves 500 children annually
  • Holding courses for teaching English language and sessions for teaching sewing in the exploratory centre located in a girls preparatory school.
  • The village’s development centre was prepared with a medical clinic to take care of women and children in different specialists that includes General (internal) Medicine Gastroenterology, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology and Dermatology. Medical convoys and treatments were also available for poor people.
  • Provide trainings in the fields of arts, crafts’ making, carpet weaving, sewing, jewelry designing and executing small projects benefiting a total of 132 individuals in addition to holding product marketing and awareness workshops for ladies
  • Developing and preparing youth centre in Al Horayzat village.


Project duration: Two years