arrow_ttl.gifComprehensive “Alamny w Shaghalny” project - Kom Ghorab in Misr Al Qadimah, Cairo governorate implemented in collaboration with Association for The Development & Enhancement of Women. The project aims at offering economic, social and legal empowerment for 50 families.






Project Activities:


  • Eliminating illiteracy for 80 youngsters
  • Establishing Re-enrolment classes for around 100 children in female-headed households that dropped out of schools and ensure that they remain enrolled in the learning system
  • Issuing 150 National Identification Cards and 150 birth certificates number for target households.
  • Raising the craftsmanship of a number of 100 youngsters through offering craftsmanship training
  • Providing employment opportunities to 100 women/ their children in craftsmanship
  • Provide personal loans to 50 families (women/their children)
  • Raising awareness of villagers on a number of environmental, cultural, and legal issues