arrow_ttl.gifCommunity empowerment project to revive traditional craftsmanship in Giza and Qena governorate in cooperation with Banat El Ghad Development Foundation






which aims at Egyptian women's empowerment in craftsmanship through production centres in Giza and Qena that works on training women on the crafts of hand-woven carpets, fabric, and Sackcloth in addition to packaging, copper coil and Palm Leaf Product.


Project Activities:

  • Giving trainings on craftsmanship to 75 women to be productive
  • Raising awareness on craftsmanship as a source for sustainable income
  • Fighting unemployment in Giza and Qena governorate in Markaz Naqada and focusing on supporting female-headed households
  • Training women to become future instructors
  • Raising awareness on health, environmental, political, social issues
  • Provide cyclical financing schemes for trainees
  • Assist trainees in completing official documents


Project duration: 8 Months