Hawara village falls under Markaz Al Fayoum, Fayoum governorate. It is located southern the governorate on the agricultural road leading to Beni Suef governorate. It covers a total area of 84.000 square km. The number of its residents is estimated with 22.450 inhabitants according to the data of secondary resources (11.651 males and 10.799 females)


The local community in Hawara: It is a simple rural community in which agriculture represents the main source for income, followed by trade meanwhile, development and job opportunities are scarce in this society.


The village was classified among the 1000 poorest villages in Egypt. According to the basic data of a survey applied on a sample of the poorest villages in 2009/2010, 48% of Fayoum poorest villages live below poverty threshold (198 EGP monthly). Same date shed the light on some issues related to the quality of governmental services in sectors like education, health, clean drinking water. Also, there are no specific future plans for delivering sanitation services meanwhile, the rate of unemployment for women and youth is high due to the limited opportunities of development in addition to the lack of resources that could provide financial support.


Project activities:


  • Providing 20 families with livestock.
  • Providing 20 low and intermediate income families with 20 Beogaz units.
  • Implementing small projects for 64 young men/women after training them on small business administration and a variety of crafts (Breeding rabbits/fishes – mushroom – manufacturing silage for livestock or manufacturing compost to fertilize the soils)
  • Upgrading and qualifying the social abilities for 150 men and women and employing 75% of them.
  • Training 100 women and girls on handcrafts (Wicker, Arjon, Khayameya, Fron hangings, Cheese manufacturing, Beads, tailoring and sewing) and marketing their products.
  • Training 20 female apprentices who were previously trained on suggested crafts as certified training cadres and suppliers of marketing sources.
  • Supplying the village with 10 medical convoys and 10 health seminars to provide the medical care in some specialists.


Project Duration: One year