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Banque Misr Organizes a Blood Donation Campaign for its Employees Under the slogan of the Giving Initiative... Your Blood Donation Is Life.

Nov 22, 2023 12:00 PM

In order to activate Banque Misr's leading role in the field of social responsibility, and to be an integral part of the fabric of Egyptian society, as well as to support patients who need blood in all hospitals, Banque Misr's management is keen on participating with the family of the bank's employees in contributing to this great humanitarian work. Consequently, Banque Misr organized a blood donation campaign for the bank's employees. The General Administration of Medical Service at Banque Misr collaborated with the Red Crescent of Blood Banks to organize the campaign at the bank's medical service headquarters in Cairo and Alexandria over a two-day period. The campaign involved the provision of medical experts and necessary equipment, with all necessary precautionary measures in place.

Banque Misr's participation in organizing this campaign, and its employees' turnout, represents a new step in its commitment to effective community participation, standing with the people in their problems and pains, particularly patients and children urgently in need of blood transfusion. This campaign, along with other community and humanitarian initiatives organized by the bank in the past, contributed to consolidating the culture of volunteer work and humanitarian giving among employees—an embodiment of true belonging and altruism. Additionally, it has positive repercussions and health and humanitarian benefits. Banque Misr has been keen on raising awareness among its employees about the importance of blood donation to instill a sense of belonging and promote a culture of blood donation within the Egyptian community, encouraging them to contribute to saving lives.

The campaign resulted in the donation of about 288 blood bags, with the participation of colleagues from Cairo and Giza governorates. The bank's employees were eager to contribute to reducing the shortage of blood donation rates, which do not meet the needs of patients in Egypt. It is worth mentioning that Banque Misr has achieved this challenging equation not only through the bank's constant dedication to providing new and diverse banking services and products meeting the desires and needs of its clients, especially the new ones, but also through its permanent societal initiatives catering to different segments of society.

The health sector is one of the most influential strategic sectors in individuals' lives, and Banque Misr is always keen to support various medical institutions to contribute to providing decent healthcare. Banque Misr stands as one of the largest banks with a history in the field of social responsibility. As a result of its distinguished efforts, the bank recently won several international awards in 2023 in the field of social responsibility, including:

  • Best Bank in the field of social responsibility - Egypt from the British magazine ‘The European’.
  • The award for the best bank in the field of social responsibility - Egypt from ‘World Economic Magazine’.
  • The award for the best bank in the field of social responsibility for sustainable development - Egypt from ‘The Global Economics’ magazine.
  • The award for the best bank in the field of social responsibility from ‘The International Finance’ magazine
  • The award for the best bank in the field of social responsibility - Egypt from ‘Cosmopolitan the Daily’ magazine.

Banque Misr, through the commitment of its employees, is always keen to strengthen the bonds of the relationship with its customers. It seeks to have an effective role in social participation towards society, being a real partner of the Egyptian society. Additionally, Banque Misr aims to provide a positive contribution to the Egyptian health sector and set a positive model to be followed in the social responsibility of all institutions, reflecting in the sustainable development of society as a whole.