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Banque Misr continues to support entrepreneurs, launches a new program for participatory innovation with startups

Oct 13, 2022 12:00 AM

Banque Misr recently celebrated the launch of the first session of its new Program for participatory innovation with startups (Banque Misr Acceleration Program) with the participation of a number of startups working in the field of financial technology, in the presence of the Vice Chairman; Mr. Akef El Maghraby and Mr. Hossam Abdel-Wahab, the Strategic Projects Sector team, and representatives of the startups that joined the program in its first session; Agel Enterprises (Agel), Amanleek (, Bringy Company (Bringy), Haktiv Company (Haktiv), Seqoon Company (Seqoon), Zammit Company (Zammit).


It is worth noting that the "Banque Misr Program to Accelerate the Growth of Startups" aims to support start-up companies that join the program and benefit from a package of marketing, advisory and investment services, providing work spaces for companies and opportunities for partnerships with the bank, as a part of the framework of the Bank's keenness to support entrepreneurs and start-up companies and provide all services and products that meet their needs to overcome all obstacles they may face.


The selected startups will start the six-month Startup Growth Accelerator Program. While the Program provides support services at the technological level and spreading in the markets, in addition to obtaining sustainable investment opportunities, by benefiting from the expertise of Banque Misr by providing them with all means of technical support by the Heads of Banque Misr Sectors, providing them with their extensive experience to meet the needs of the Egyptian market, training them and working on exploring ways of cooperation with the Bank’s specialized Managers to ensure the exchange of experiences and joint construction of new business models and services that better suit customers. The program also provides training hours with international consultants and provides opportunities to open new markets.


It is worth noting that Banque Misr attaches great importance to the enterprise sector of all sizes and to consolidate the concept of entrepreneurship as the engine of economic growth. Therefore, the Bank has opened a number of business development service centers, with the aim of supporting entrepreneurs, unleashing the potential of youth and increasing the number of small and medium enterprises, encouraging emerging and established companies in the targeted economic sectors in order to promote local products through a national industry that has the ability to compete and conquer new markets internationally.