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Corporate Credit Card

Card definition

Credit card with “MasterCard” logo. It can be issued for:

  • Companies granted credit facilities from the bank. It can also be issued for companies that have not been granted credit facilities after conducting the necessary inquiries “Corporate Credit Card”.
  • Traders contracted by the bank or the employees they select “Business Credit Card”.

Card features

No additional cards may be issued for this type of cards; each card is issued separately with a separate credit limit

Additional cards

All card usage payments are due on the specified date one month after the usage

Payment ​due date

Due payment is to be fully settled on monthly basis by automatic deduction from the trader’s/company’s account, with their approval, as follows:

  • Deduction from debit current account, for traders whose collected proceeds are added to their accounts.
  • Deduction from the trader’s account “Account 45”, with the branch issuing a cheque with the value after deducting the card’s amounts payable,  in case of traders paid in cheques.
  • Deduction from credit current account, in case companies granted credit facilities.  

Payment methods


  • 24 months, for Business Credit Cards.
  • 12 months, for Corporate Credit Cards.

Card validity


Card will be suspended in the event of  two late full payments, and will not be reactivated until the full due payments are settled

Card suspension



Card financial limits

  • A minimum card balance of 2,000 EGP.
  • A maximum card balance of 150,000 EGP.

Credit Corporate Card

Credit Business Card


Within the card credit limit

Purchases inside Egypt*

Purchases outside Egypt*

40% of the credit limit with  a maximum of 10,000 EGP monthly

10,000 EGP daily from ATMs (Banque Misr – Other banks)

Cash withdrawal inside Egypt from ATMs (Banque Misr – Other banks)*

40% of the credit limit with  a maximum of 10,000

According to the credit card limit

Cash withdrawal inside Egypt from P.O.S machines (Banque Misr – Other banks)*

$2,000 monthy

Cash withdrawal outside Egypt from ATMs and P.O.S machines*


*Withdrawal and purchases limits may vary according to the bank policies.

Please visit Banque Misr’s website to view them.


General conditions

Credit Corporate Card

Credit Business Card


Not less than two years

Not less than one year

Length of the period the trader/company has been dealing with the bank

Not less than three years

Not less than two years

Trader/company practice period

Can only be granted to the entity owner or joint partners

Individual establishments, partnership companies and limited partnership companies

One card for each employee specified by the trader/company

Joint stock companies

Not less than 21 years and without a maximum age limit

Age of card holder


Minimum time of residing in the current address


Required documents

Credit Corporate Card

Credit Business Card

Issue request signed by the customer and the card holder

General agreement contract between the company and the bank

Financial statements of the trader for the last year

Commercial register copy

Card holder’s National ID copy or passport for foreigners


Signature of trader and card holder of order paper, in addition to completing a delegation form to sign the order paper