Banque Misr

Human Resources and Training Division

Reveals the commencement of BM's Summer Internship Program for year 2018


In continuance to BM's strategic CSR commitments towards Egyptian youth skills development, this year, the internship program offers a unique opportunity for students to integrate academic learning with rewarding practical workplace experiences covering various banking operations and services across BM's network of branches. The program provides a pool of distinguished candidate students for future recruitment purposes that will utilize and enhance their skills and abilities needed to compete in the workforce.


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Registered in university "government / Private"
  • Faculties of Commerce, Economics, and Political Science with a specialization in the following: (accounting, business administration, economics, numeration, banking, external trade, international affairs, marketing, commerce and operation management, investment, finance,
  • Insurance, actuarial sciences, human resources, financial markets and establishments)
  • Sadat Academy and Arab Academy for Science and Technology
  • Faculties of Engineering, Law, and Computer Science
  • Applicant must be a sophomore or junior enrolled in an undergraduate degree program (Second or third academic year only)
  • Students must have a good cumulative GPA verified by an official transcript or academic record from the university
  • Passing exams (English language- IQ test- General information about the date and origin of Banque Misr 'from the official website of the Bank')


Required Documents:

  • Registration certificate or statement of degree mentioning last year grade point average (GPA) from the college and authenticated by the university stamp.
  • Copy of National ID card.

How to apply:

Required documents must be available in advance to be uploaded on the website at the same time of filling out the form. This is available for two weeks from Thursday 17/5/2018 until Thursday 31/5/2018
Students who meet the requirements and who wish to apply for training should visit the following link to complete the data form.

Training Benefits:

  • The trainees will receive a certificate from the bank for the training period (One month).
  • The trainees will receive a financial reward at the end of the prescribed training period.
  • The names of distinguished trainees who had successfully passed the tests will be added on the HR database for future opportunities (Training /recruitment