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Banque Misr's Achievements during the year 2017/2018
The initial financial indicators of Banque Misr's performance show significant growth in all the fields, this year has witnessed steady increase in the volume of the bank's business. In June 30, 2018, the total financial position has increased to 887.5 billion EGP compared to 786.9 billion EGP in the last year at nearly 12.8% growth rate, also the deposits of the customers have witnessed significant growth with about 137.1 billion EGP to increase from 532.5 billion EGP to reach 669.6 billion EGP in June 30, 2018 with 25.7% growth rate. The Net borrowings of customers have also increased from 179.1 billion EGP to reach this year 222.1 billion EGP with 24.1% growth rate, as well, the percentage of nonperforming loans has reached to total loans of 2.85% with only 111.8% coverage percentage due to settling the files of large number of customers and concluding new settlement agreements amounting to 907 million EGP and the amounts collected from the clients of the nonperforming debts have reached about 1.5 billion EGP, despite the recent economic challenges and their outcomes on the entire banking system. Also in June 2018, the percentage of the nonperforming loans has reached to less than 3% of the bank's total credit portfolio compared to 3.5% in the previous fiscal year, which corresponds with the percentages universally accepted.
In June 2018, the retail portfolio has increased with an amount of 4.6 billion EGP than the last year, with growth rate of 25.6% increasing from 18 billion EGP and reaching up to 22.6 billion EGP. Also, the number of issued cards has exceeded 6.32 million cards where most of them work with Smart Chip system; and thus, Banque Misr is ranked the Second in the number of electronic payment cards among the Egyptian Banks. Additionally, the number of the sites of the traders with which Banque Misr is contracted has reached 15616 sites spread all over Egypt, as well, the number of transactions of the traders with which the bank is contracted (Machines of Point of Sale (POS) and E-Commerce system) increases to more than 13.40 billion EGP per year, Banque Misr also provides these sites with the most updated point of sale machines in compliance with the international standards of (PCI DSS) and in accordance with the requirements of International Organizations.
It is also worth mentioning that Banque Misr reserves the first place for thirteen years among the Egyptian banks participating in the mechanization system of salaries established by the Ministry of Finance in 2005, with Market Share of 48% and total number of cards amounting to 2.4 million cards related to 895 governmental authorities contracted with Banque Misr. Throughout the fiscal year, the salaries of both the private sector and public sector have reached up to more than 75 billion EGP transferred by the Bank. 
Moreover, Banque Misr pays great attention to financial inclusion and works through several areas in line with the strategy of the Central Bank of Egypt to strengthen the efforts of financial inclusion, and most importantly; the transformation from a cash society to a cashless society through supporting and motivating the usage of electronic payment methods in parallel with the policies of the National Payments Council chaired by the Egyptian President in order to reduce the use of banknotes outside the banking sector and to support and stimulate the use of electronic means and channels to pay instead. In this regard and in fulfillment of customers' needs, Banque Misr has offered different salary mechanization solutions targeting public and private sector companies through providing a variety of salaries transfer products (salary cards – salary accounts), where the number of companies contracting with the bank has reached 872 companies with 774 thousand cards and 55.1 accounts. This in addition to providing electronic payment service for tax and customs through 347 branches including a number of 342 branches inside the Arab Republic of Egypt and a number of 5 branches in the United Arab Emirates, as Banque Misr is ranked the first among the banks providing customs payment service. As well, Banque Misr provides the CPS service for companies, and thus, allowing customers to pay taxes and customs duties as well as the other governmental fees electronically through their offices; and provides as well BM Wallet service. Too, BM has entered into a number of partnerships so as to provide the whole society with an access to electronic payment methods, these partnerships include but not limited to; partnership with Visa Inc., Exxon Mobil and Egyptian Post.
Further, the Bank owns a developed network of Automated Teller Machines (ATM) that reaches approximately 2294 ATMs, providing multiple services such as: withdrawal, depositing, currency changing, payment of invoices and donations in addition to introducing cash transfer service, transferring up to 20 thousand EGP, from the accounts of BM's customers to the other customers of the bank, as well as offering the services of cash transfers whether through using cards or not, such ATMs are widely spread all over Egypt and equipped with the latest technological techniques. The bank also provides offers other developed services such as being the first in Egypt to offer withdrawal and deposit for the electronic mobile phone portfolios via the network of ATMs related to it, such service is offered by Banque Misr through the network of transfer to empower over 11 million users of mobile phone portfolios to benefit from the bank's network of ATMs contributing to increasing the number of transactions carried out through mobile phone portfolios where customers can deposit and withdraw money in moment throughout the 24 hours.
In the light of financial inclusion, Banque Misr is keen on offering financial services to the various segments of society through geographical expansion; thus, Banque Misr seeks to expand its network of branches nationwide to be the nearest to the customers wherever they are. In this regard, Banque Misr has lately inaugurated a number of branches, therefore becoming the owner of the largest network of branches through more than 620 branches spread all over Egypt, notwithstanding its presence both on the regional and global level in the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Paris, Germany, China and Russia. As well, in the coming period Banque Misr targets the existence in each of Italy (Milano), South Korea (Seoul) and Kenya (Nairobi) in addition to a number of other African countries; besides, a large network of correspondents covering the whole world.
In addition, Banque Misr finances the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) through the bank's branches spread all over the Egyptian governorates, and this within the different fields whether industrial, agricultural and service-based fields. As in June 2018, the portfolio of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) has increased from 4.7 billion EGP to reach 10.9 billion EGP with an increase of 6.2 billion EGP and 132% growth rate.  
Owing to the BM's concern to meet the different needs of all the segments of society and to contribute to the acceleration of development through fighting against unemployment and through improving the society. Therefore, Banque Misr has participated with the Ministry of Local Development in "Mashroak" program for the purpose of financing Small and Micro enterprises through the single counters available at the local units spread all over Egypt. In addition, the number of local units has reached 308 units where Banque Misr exists in 238 units with 77% as of 26/3/2015 until 30/6/2017, where the number of customers of SMEs portfolio has reached up to 85.760 customers in June 2018 compared to 64.868 customers in June 2017 with an increase of 20.892 customers and 32% growth rate.
With regard to Corporates finance, Banque Misr is considered one of the largest national pioneer banks in financing all the enterprises in the different fields. During the period from 01/07/2017 until 01/06/2018, Banque Misr has administrated, financed and participated in (18) financing operations with up 113 billion EGP total financing value within a number of sectors, including but not limited; electricity, real estate investment, general contracting, oil and gas, land transportation, sea and river transportation, as well as communication and information technology, etc. whereas BM's share in such operations has reached up to nearly 20.9 billion EGP.
In the context of the intensive marketing plans adopted by Banque Misr to attract new customers and financing operations, and owing to the bank's commitment to implement its strategic and developmental plans to support the national economy through the different fields and sectors, Banque Misr is currently studying the enforcement of large financing operations of about 20.4 billion EGP within a number of sectors such as; communication, construction materials, fertilizers as well as contracting, etc. where the bank's share in such financing agreements  is valued at 8.3 billion EGP, emphasizing BM pioneering role for being one of the leading national banks in the Egyptian banking sector.  
Furthermore, it is worth noting that has had a head start in Islamic baking field; due to the fact that Banque Misr is the first among the public sector banks to establish Islamic banking transactions branches (Kenana Branches) that reach up to 38 branches spread all over Egypt. As in June, 2018, the credit portfolio of Islamic transactions has increased up to 7.8 billion EGP with an increase of 2.1 billion EGP compared to the last fiscal year in the fields of joint facilities, corporates credit, micro, small and medium enterprises in addition to retail banking, where most of such have been concentrated in the sectors of iron and steel, contracting, food and beverage, real estate investment, and financial brokerage.  Notably, Islamic banking sector has successfully expanded in the field of corporates credit through fulfilling the needs of the existing customers as well as the new ones within the different fields, mainly the field of roads and bridges with about 650 million EGP and the National Housing project with about 270 million EGP.
Additionally, a number of products have been introduced to finance small and medium enterprises that suit all the business sectors, such as; the list-check product up to 500 thousand EGP, small enterprises product up to 4 million EGP, and working capital financing product up to 5 million EGP in addition to 4 products; financing schools, hospitals, factories and means of transportation up to 5 million EGP. Banque Misr also provides the micro enterprises with finance through Murabaha by Wakala in order to support all the sectors with up to 150 thousand EGP.
Concerning Islamic retail Islamic banking activity, Kenana branches provide all the modern banking services, including the issuance of all the types of cards in addition to a group of different products developed to serve the customers of Islamic branches (Kenana). Such products include the products of Murabaha, such as the Murabaha of pilgrimage and umrah, Murabaha of durable goods, Murabaha of the tour trips, and car purchase Murabaha as well as Education Murabaha to finance the payment of educational expenses and requirements. Further, BM's Islamic branches (Kenana) provide the service of Takaful Bancassurance "Takaful Banking Insurance" with the assistance of the Egyptian Takaful Life Insurance Company.
Out of BM's strong belief that technology is the main engine for improving and strengthening the value of services provided to the customers, Banque Misr works constantly on developing its technological structure through using the most updated international technological means for the sake of providing its services in the most efficient manner. Accordingly, in this regard, Banque Misr has lately used the artificial intelligence technology to be the first in Egypt to use this technology introducing the "Chat Bot" service through the bank's website in order to provide the customers with 24 hours service. Such interactive service is considered a step forward in the Digital transformation process where clients can interact with the auto assistant any time without waiting, which will reflect on the speed and flexibility of customer service to improve the service efficiency.
Banque Misr also cared about updating its website, which is one of the most up to date banking websites locally with an advanced loan calculator. It also contains an electronic GPS via Google Maps, so customers can locate BM branches and ATMs all over Egypt, which is considered one of the most updated technological means.
Moreover, Banque Misr plays a leading role in the societal responsibility due to being one of the main pillars in which BM strongly believes. This role is played through the effective participation, whether directly or indirectly, through BM's non-profit foundation "Banque Misr Foundation for Community Development" holding registration number 7045/2007 aiming at developing and providing help to the Egyptian community through participating in a number of activities and initiatives of societal nature, as well as, achieving the best for the society in general within multifarious fields as; health, education, social solidarity and societal development. For instance, societal development takes place through different projects, such as; developing and improving the needy Egyptian villages via MSMEs contributing to the provision of employment opportunities for the youth and female breadwinners through cooperation with Civil Society Organizations, and the development of slum areas as well as all what is serves human being.
Furthermore, Banque Misr is considered one of the largest banks of great experience in the area of societal development and the most aware of the environmental and societal responsibilities as well as the governance rules incumbent upon the bank and complements with its principles of performance and sustainability on the long term. Too, Banque Misr is the first state owned bank that receives the approval of the General Reporting Initiative (GRI) and adopts businesses in accordance with the principles of sustainability taking governance, human rights and community participation into consideration, also taking into account the environmental safety standards. The bank also complies with UN Global Compact for Citizenship (Corporates Societal Responsibility); it is noteworthy that Banque Misr has spent 700 million EGP in community development for the fiscal year 2017/2018.
On the basis of BM's strong belief in the importance of supporting the societal responsibility, for being one of the main pillars of achieving sustainable development, Banque Misr participates both directly and indirectly, through its independent non-profit foundation "Banque Misr Foundation for Community Development", in contributing to the inclusive development of the different society's sectors including education, culture, employment, health, and environment as well as supporting the neediest villages in addition to the projects of female breadwinners. So, in the field of health Banque Misr has carried out a number of significant contributions, such as; funding Shefaa Al-Orman Hospital with 300 million EGP through contributing to the establishment of the third stage of the hospital holding the name of "Banque Misr Building", in addition to supporting a number of the universities hospitals such as Cairo University Hospitals, Ain Shams University Hospitals, Assiut University Hospitals, Zagazig University Hospitals, El-Mansoura University, and South Egypt Cancer Institute. Banque Misr has also supported Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation and has organized as well a number of medical convoys in different villages, moreover, Banque Misr has participated in President Abdelfattah Elsisi's initiative to address avoidable blindness and promote quality eye health by pumping 80 million EGP in Tahya Misr Fund's Initiative, "Nour Haya" due to the bank's keen interest in each citizen's right to receive the suitable health care. As well, the bank has supported Zewail City of Science & Technology and inaugurated "Banque Misr's Buildign" within the city as part of the protocol of cooperation concluded between BM and Zewail City of Science & Technology.
Also it is noteworthy that, during the last fiscal year, Banque Misr has been granted a number of awards in different business fields from several international institutions in appreciation and recognition for the bank's achievements and efforts. Subsequently, Banque Misr has been granted a number of wards in the field of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, for instance:
  • The award of "The Fastest Growing SME Bank in Egypt for year 2018" received from International Finance Magazine; one of the worlds' specialized magazines.  
  • In addition to the award of "The Best SME Bank for the year 2018 in the Middle East and North Africa" by Wealth & Finance magazine.
  • The award of "The Best SME Bank in Egypt" by "The European Magazine" – United Kingdom based magazine.
  • International Business Magazine has recognized Banque Misr as the best provider of SMEs in 2018.
However, in the field of managing money market funds, Banque Misr has received the following awards:
  • The award of "Best Provider of the Money Market Funds and Short-Term Investments in the Middle East 2018", where it is the 10th  time the for Banque Misr to receive an award by Global Finance in terms of honoring the efforts exerted by the Bank. Whereas Banque Misr was granted an award in Treasury and Cash Management for being the "Best Provider of Money Market Funds in Africa and the Middle East" for both years 2009 and 2010, also was granted the "Best Provider of Money Market Funds in the Middle East" for the years 2008, 2012, 2013, and 2014. Banque Misr also received the award of "Best Provider of the Money Market Funds and Short-Term Investments" successively in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Noting that, Global Finance is one of the largest specialized Financial Magazines in the world, where its headquarters is based in New York, and it depends on certain International Banking Standards and the suggestions of significant International Banking analysts, in terms of choosing the awarded Banks. Such award is granted to the best Bank all over the Middle East and to the bank of the highest degree of excellence in terms of revenue, quality of the provided customer care service, market share, competitive prices in comparison with the other Banks, and in using the most updated and creative Banking technologies.
  • The award of "The Fastest Growing Bank in Cash Management in Egypt for 2018" by Global Banking & Finance Review.
With respect to the exerted efforts during the last period in the field of Corporates Credit and Syndicated Loans, Banque Misr has successfully received several awards in this field that are as follows:
  • Pursuant to the classification of Bloomberg Global for the first half of 2018, BM has been ranked in the second place over the African Continent for being a principal administrator of syndicated loans and in financing projects with 5.5% market share. Banque Misr has been also ranked in the third place over the African Continent in marketing, administrating and arranging syndicated loans and in financing projects with 6.8% market share, which reflects the bank's continuity in achieving advanced ranks in such classifications since 2015, also such classification shows the banks persistence on achieving excellent results in marketing and arranging syndicated loans and in project finance.
  • The award of the Best Egyptian Bank in terms of arranging syndicated loans and financing projects for the year 2018 by the International Arab Bankers Union.
  • The award of the "Best Project Finance House in Africa in 2017" for the third successive year by EMEA Finance Institution.
As for the Islamic banking field, Banque Misr has successfully received a number of awards such as:
  • Banque Misr has been awarded "Musharakah Deal of the Year 2017" from "Islamic Finance News" which is considered the most prestigious award globally recognized in the field of Islamic Financing transactions. It is worth mentioning that, it is the third time that BM's Islamic Banking Sector wins IFN Deals of the year Award from the same Institution.
  • Moreover, BM received "Best Islamic Bank - Egypt 2018" award from "International Finance Magazine".
  • The award of the "Best Islamic Transactions Bank – Egypt 2018" from the United Kingdom based magazine "Global Business Outlook".
In the regard of social responsibility, Banque Misr has been awarded the following awards:
  • The award of "The Best Bank in Social Responsibility – Egypt 2018" by International Business Magazine.
On the other side, Banque Misr has been awarded several awards in the field of Trade Financing, such as:
  • The award of the "Fastest Growing Bank in Trade Financing in Egypt" for the year 2018 by Global Banking & Finance Review.
Furthermore, Banque Misr has been successfully awarded the award of "The Best Local Bank on the Regional Level" in the framework of "Belt & Road Initiative"(The Middle East and Africa) for the year 2018 by Asia Money Magazine. Last but not least, Banque Misr has been named the Bank of the Year in Egypt for the year 2018 in the rankings published by "The Banker", an international magazine owned by The Financial Times Ltd; it is worth mentioning that BM's acquisition of these awards is deemed certificate of entitlement to customers' trust and confidence on which the bank's attention is mainly focused, as the customers are considered the partners in success throughout all the business fields. Thus, Banque Misr endeavors to provide the customers with all the recent and updated services and products that meet the customers' needs.