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Banque Misr Achieves an Advanced Ranking in EMEA and Maintains its Lead in Arranging and Marketing Syndicated Loans According to Bloomberg.
Banque Misr achieved an advanced ranking in the Middle East and North Africa for arranging and marketing syndicated loans in 2020, according to Bloomberg international, which listed the Bank as second best financing marketer and principal arranger of syndicated loans in MENA – among other major regional and global banks. This comes following Banque Misr’s completion of 29 syndicated financing operations at a total value of USD 8.9 billion (the equivalent of approximately EGP 136 billion), in which the Bank played the role of principal arranger. This is in addition to 27 financing operations totaling USD 9.1 billion (the equivalent of approximately EGP 142 billion), in which the Bank played the role of financing marketer. The accolade crowns the Bank’s continuous efforts during the past 5 years in the successful arrangement and marketing of syndicated loans.
Worth noting is that the ranking achieved by Banque Misr is for its role in syndicated loans – as principal arranger and marketer – which heavily relies on marketing and reflects sound relationships with both clients for which the loans are arranged, as well as the banks invited to participate. The Bank has been instrumental in financing various economic activities in various domains such as the petroleum sector, chemicals and petrochemicals, telecommunications, renewable energy, steel and real estate activities; thus contributing effectively to the national economy.
By receiving this awards, Banque Misr maintains its ranking for the previous three years, according to Bloomberg international, which reflects the success of the Bank’s corporate credit and syndicated loans sector. It also underscores the Bank’s exceptional performance and robust financial results, in addition to its extensive marketing plans targeting the attraction of new customers and financing operations. It is also a testament to the Bank’s commitment to realizing its strategic and development objectives that are geared towards supporting all sectors of the national economy.
It should be noted that the Bank currently maintains a pipeline of some 29 financing operations at a total value of EGP 142.4 billion, with an expected hedging value of EGP 53.6 billion for Banque Misr in various sectors; including real estate investment, tourism, land transport, petroleum and gas, agriculture, fertilizers, petrochemicals, financial services, education, contracting, building materials and others.
Banque Misr consistently seeks to develop and advance its products and services, owing to its stature as a leading banking institution, such as to fulfil the needs of its customers. The Bank is keen on provisioning its offerings in a more efficient manner, as it attaches great importance to customer satisfaction and considers its clientele a mainstay in its successful endeavors.