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Banque Misr winners in the first quarterly draw held for “Aman El-Masreen” Certificate reach up to 88 winners

On Monday 2 July 2018, under the patronage of the Central Bank of Egypt, a celebration attended by the different Banks leaders and Misr Life Insurance Company leaders has been held, where Banque Misr in collaboration with the other banks participating in the issuance of "Aman El-Masreen" certificate launched in March 2018 have announced the winners in the quarterly draw held for Aman El-Masreen Certificate.

Further, the total number of "Aman El-Masreen" certificate winners has reached 200 winners 88 winners of which are Banque Misr clients and the other winners are distributed among the other banks participating in "Aman El-Masreen" issuance. Noting that, Aman El-Masreen insurance certificate mainly targets the temporary and seasonal workers, farmers and low-income workers; as well, "Aman El-Masreen" certificate is issued for the Egyptian natural persons starting from the age of 18 years old up to 59 years old, and it is also issued in different categories that start from 500 EGP and multiples up to maximum 2500 EGP in order to  provide such workers with insurance protection in case of death, whether this death is normal or accidental. Additionally, this life insurance certificate is issued for the client without medical examination, by the same token, the certificate yields fixed return throughout its term that is calculated as of the second business day following the purchase of the certificate provided that cashing this return must be by the end of the certificate term after deducting insurance installments. Besides, "Aman" certificate offers its holders a number of benefits such as allowing the client to choose whether the heirs can receive the compensation, upon the client's death, in cash or through monthly payments for a period of five or ten years, in addition "Aman El-Masreen" allows its holders to enter a quarterly draw on 200 tax-exempted valuable prizes each of them amount to 10000 EGP.

It is worth mentioning that, Banque Misr participation in the issuance of "Aman El-Masreen" certificate takes place for the sake of consolidating the Bank contributions to the implementation of State plans that aim primarily at developing the National Economy and supporting the Egyptian citizen. These State plans also aim at assisting the society neediest categories and aim, as well, at implementing the Egyptian Central Bank strategy in promoting the concept of financial inclusion; whereas financial inclusion is considered a strategic orientation that targets the achievement of financial and social stability and one of the main Economic development and growth acceleration pillars in the countries adopting "Financial Inclusion" concept. Moreover, Banque Misr strongly believes that applying financial inclusion is the main concern of Egyptian Banks during the coming period, accordingly; all the efforts exerted by the Banks must be united with the strategy of Central Bank of Egypt to apply the financial inclusion principle and to achieve a paradigm shift in the Egyptian Economy.