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  Banque Misr Foundation for Development and Welfare reaches new horizons for contributing to the development of community

In order to support the concept of corporate social responsibility, Banque Misr established a non-profit organization under the name of “Banque Misr Foundation for Development and Welfare” (BMFCDW) in 2007. BMFCDW is registered at the Ministry of Social Solidarity under No. 7045 / 2007 – Cairo.  

BMFCDW aims to contribute to the overall development of various sectors such as education, culture, employment, competitiveness of products and services, economy, health and environment, in addition to social solidarity projects by supporting and strengthening the civil society’s contribution in the implementation of BMFCDW projects, which play an effective role in serving society and the environment. BMFCDW further aims to support scientific research centers, schools, universities and public hospitals.

It is worth noting that the Foundation has financed several projects directly or indirectly through a third party organization concentrating on similar charitable causes.

Based on Banque Misr’s firm belief in the vital role of BMFCDW, it assigns an annual amount of its net profits to help support the activities of the Foundation. The Foundation also accepts donations from within and outside of Egypt and from individuals who wish to do charity and development work based on their belief in the role of the Foundation as a reliable channel to deliver such donations to those in need.  Contributions may be made on the following accounts of the Foundation: Public Projects No. 80000, Sadaqah Jaariyah (Ongoing Charity) No. 70 000, Zakat No. 60 000 in Banque Misr branches across the country. Contributions can also be directly made by contacting the Foundation at: 153 Mohamed Farid St., Banque Misr Tower Floor 22, Cairo - Arab Republic of Egypt.