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Al Motazayda Certificates from Banque Misr

The first saving certificate in Egypt with cumulative revenue for 10 years

Seeking to meet the needs of its clients from all classes, and in order to offer a variety of products, especially in the savings field, whether in local or foreign currency; Banque Misr has issued a new saving method which is the long-term “Al Motazayda certificate”. This is the first 10-years cumulative nominal certificate, and it starts from EGP 1000 and the multiples thereof, issued only for natural people.

Moreover, the annual revenue rate is cumulative for the whole period of the certificate, with the first issue price starting from 9.75-12%, to be cashed out every six months, and added immediately to the client’s current/saving account, together with issuing an ATM, that is exempted from issuing fees for the first year. The said certificates could be purchased from any of the 470 branches of the bank across Egypt. Moreover, clients can cash-out the full amount of the certificate after the first three years, deduction-free; also clients can take loans with having these certificates as a guarantee.

Banque Misr is always endeavoring to satisfy its clients’ needs and is always working on constantly developing its current saving systems in order to cope with these needs.