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                                           Banque Misr Inaugurates New Branch in Garden City

Banque Misr Chairman, Mr. Mohammed Kamal El Din Barakat, Vice Chairman, Mr. Mohammed Ozalp, and an esteemed number of Banque Misr general managers and employees have inaugurated the Garden City branch, after it had been renovated and returned to its original location.

The new branch is an addition to Banque Misr’s series of 470 distinguished branches which reach clients all over Egypt. The Garden City branch has also been equipped with a foreign exchange electronic services unit which works 24 hours a day and ensures client privacy.

Banque Misr has always been a pioneer in keeping up with new developments in the banking field. Accordingly, work procedures and internal branch designs have been developed, in addition to the use of modern equipment. All of this ensures that clients have an efficient, time-saving experience, and are able to access to all kinds of products and services from one place, especially that an electronic linking system has been deployed  connecting all of the Bank's branches and allowing clients to access their accounts from any branch in Egypt.

It is worth mentioning that Banque Misr constantly strives to cater its clients various needs in terms of banking products and services.