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Banque Misr calls upon all Egyptians to invest in the Stock Exchange by underwriting to the Bank’s investment funds at no purchase commission

Building on Banque Misr’s leading role in supporting the national economy, especially during the current times, the Bank calls upon all individuals and corporations, which are interested in investing at the Stock Exchange to underwrite to the bank’s investment funds certificates with a minimum of one certificate at no purchase commissions.  

The available investment funds are as follows:

1.       1- First Banque Misr Investment Fund, first issuance, with regular quarterly dividend and aims to preserve the cash of the fund in addition to controlling the risk by diversifying its securities portfolio.

2.       2- First Banque Misr Investment Fund, second issuance, with capital growth and aims to invest funds to achieve highest capital dividends possible by diversifying its securities portfolio and investing in stocks, bonds and local and international investment certificates in LE and foreign currencies.

3.       3- Third Banque Misr Investment Fund (previously known as Exterior) with regular dividends and capital growth. It aims to maximise profits to be distributed among holders of certificates issued by the fund via investing in a diversified portfolio of local and international securities, stocks and bonds.

4.       4- Third Banque Misr Investment Fund which is a Sharia-compliant fund. It is called “Sondouq Al Hessn”. It offers regular dividends and capital growth. It aims at investing funds according to Islamic Sharia, maximise profits for certificate holders while maintaining the funds via risk diversification among halal sectors.

5.       5- Accumulating Banque Misr Fund, known as “Sondouq Al Omr”. It aims at achieving medium to long-term accumulative dividends in light of a conservative investment policy that enables diversified investments and guarantees invested capital three years after the customer’s subscription.

It is worth noting that Banque Misr is a leading and experienced bank in fund establishments. The bank has established an entire department for funds management in 1994. The bank owns eight investment funds to suit customers’ different needs and objectives. The funds are managed by leading companies specialized in this field. Banque Misr is keen to meet the expectations of its customers by providing a wide range of modern banking products and services tailored to meet the needs of all social segments.