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Banque Misr Increases Number of Branches Operating Until 5 p.m. to Provide Better Service to Clients

To strengthen Banque Misr’s leading role in development and modernization and out of the Bank’s efforts to satisfy its clients, it has been decided to extend working hours to 5 p.m. at more than 100 branches all over Egypt.

The selection of these branches is based on certain criteria, most important of which was the number of clients in each branch, in addition to its distinct and vital geographical locations. Furthermore, there are a number of branches which operate on Friday and Saturday until 5 p.m. such the Police Officers' club in Zamalek and Al-Galaa, branches operate all year round including official holidays until 5 p.m., such as branches located at Al Maadi Club, the Yacht Club, and Al-Ahli Club (Al-Gezirah and Nasr City), branches located at the Nile Hotel (previously Nile Hilton) and Ramses Hilton Hotel, operate 24/7.

Banque Misr was also keen to offer all of its banking operations to clients during the summer holidays. Therefore, the Bank has assigned a number of units to operate only during the summer months from June to September in the north coast main resorts such as Maraqya and Marabella. Finally, there are a number of branches which operate on Saturday until 2 p.m. which include branches located at Ain Shams University, Ain Shams Faculty of Medicine, and Ain Shams Specialized Hospital.

It is worth mentioning that Banque Misr continually strives to satisfy its clients and works on developing its savings tools and innovating new services to serve their needs.