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Banque Misr Serves all Metro Stations with ATMs


Owing to Banque Misr’s strive to become as close as possible to all its customers wherever they may be, the Bank has concluded an agreement with the Egyptian Company for Metro Management and Operation to cover all metro stations – numbering 71 stations to date – with automated teller machines (ATMs), for the purpose of allowing accessibility to banking services for all segments or metro-commuting customers. This protocol is considered the first of its kind in Egypt, permitting any bank to cover metro stations with a network of ATMs and comes as a step towards fulfilling the Bank’s expansion strategy and extension of its branches and ATMs throughout the Republic for a more expansive outreach of banking services.

Banque Misr has installed ATMs in 10 stations as part of phase one of the initiative, with subsequent installations expected to be completed in the remaining stations during 2020. Worth noting is that the Bank operates an extensive network of ATMs – numbering some 2,800 – that are equipped with the latest technologies in order to render a multitude of services. These include withdrawals and deposits, currency exchange, payment of bills, donations, as well as transfer of cash funds. The Bank also offers a suite of newly developed services utilizing cutting-edge technologies to fulfil the needs of its customers; and is the first bank in Egypt to provide withdrawal and deposit services for electronic mobile wallets through its own ATM network.

Banque Misr – being a national financial instrument – seeks to enable all citizens to access various banking services through a multitude of mechanisms, in line with its expansion strategy and the plan adopted by the Central Bank of Egypt for achieving financial inclusion. Accordingly, the Bank operates one of the most expansive networks of branches in Egypt and the Middle East, encompassing some 700 branches throughout the Republic. Banque Misr also aims to increase its branches to 875 by the year 2022, to be able to render its services to all segments of society wherever they may be. This is coupled with its external presence in the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, France and Germany; with representation offices in China, Russia, South Korea and Italy. The Bank also seeks to establish a presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kenya (Nairobi), Somalia and Djibouti, as well as in a number of other African states; while maintaining an extensive network of correspondents worldwide.

Banque Misr attaches great interest to provisioning digital banking services to fulfil the various needs of its customers, in support of the state’s efforts towards financial inclusion. As such, Banque Misr has taken notable strides in the area of digital transformation, as evident in the continuous development and advancement of BM Online electronic services, which offers a new suite of banking services to customers. The Bank has also launched an electronic banking service through mobile phone via the mobile banking application and is considered one of the first banks to provide payment via mobile phone through the “BM Wallet”. Moreover and for the first time in Egypt, Banque Misr has utilized artificial intelligence technologies via its “Chat Bot” service, featured on the Bank’s website to serve customers around the clock.

Banque Misr is also the first bank to provide purchasing technology from points of sale and websites with a QR code for mobile wallet clients. The Bank has also, and for the first time in Egypt, automated access to finance micro enterprises by providing immediate funding.

Banque Misr consistently strives to drive its exceptional services and maintain its long-term success, while effectively participating in services that fulfil the needs of its customers. Its values and strategies reflect an unwavering commitments to sustainable development and achieving prosperity for Egypt.