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Banque Misr Awarded “Best-advanced Bank in the Tax E-collection system” for 2014

​​​Banque Misr recognized for its electronic services ongoing efforts. Banque Misr received the "Best-advanced Bank in the Tax E-Collection System" Award for 2014.

The Egyptian Tax Authority and E-Finance Company presented the award to Banque Misr during the “E-collection to Support National Economy” Conference organized by the authority on January 20th, 2015.
The bank offers tax and tariff e-payment services in association with the governmental e-payment officials at the Ministry of Finance. The bank provides this service through a network of 294 branches across Egypt.
The services have many advantages including the processing of payments for individuals and institutions, the simplifying of the payment process, minimizing risk through direct payment from clients’ accounts, and receiving a receipt confirming payment transaction.  Banque Misr further offers a variety of e-payment options (Cash payment or Deduction from bank account). Additionally, the bank offers e-services to clients and non-clients. The e-services provide fast and secure way to process payments. Also, Banque Misr e-services do not restrain clients to process payments within their enrolled tax offices or geographical regions. Thus, realize decentralization in tax collection, ease payment process on funders, and decrease the risk of carrying around large sums of money.
 As for the tariff payment service, Banque Misr had been the first to offer this service electronically since December 2005. Banque Misr services facilitate inquiry on individuals’ or corporates’ tariff charges. The Bank also facilitates payments through Banque Misr’s dedicated branches and updates the clients' tax records instantly after the completion of the e-payment transaction.
The bank also applied Government Electronic Payment and Collection System for corporates (CPS), allowing customers to pay taxes, tariffs, or other government dues from their offices without going to the bank.
Thus, reflecting the bank's keenness on providing its clients with the latest electronic services and banking products and services.​