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BM is the first to provide cash & deposit service for electronic mobile portfolios via BM ATMs
Banque Misr (BM) is considered the first bank to provide cash and deposit service for electronic mobile portfolios’ customers. The service is being provided through BM ATMs in collaboration with the national transfer network for payment services through mobile phones. This allows customers to transfer and deposit money instantly through their electronic portfolios on their mobile phones. By this, BM proves its support for financial inclusion efforts through providing all financial services for variable segments of customers via official channels that include saving and banking accounts as well as payment and transfer services.

BM provides the service through a transfer network that allows 11 million users of mobile portfolios to make use of BM ATMs network which will contribute in increasing the number of financial transactions performed around the clock via mobile portfolios. The bank also owns a very advanced network that includes 2412 ATMs ready for cash, deposit, currency exchange, bill payments and donation services with or without cards. Those ATMs are spread all over Egypt and fully equipped with the latest technological techniques.

BM is keen to offer the latest electronic services to its clients.  The bank has recently launched BM Wallet, a mobile phone payment gateway. In addition, the bank provides payments via point of sale (POS) devices and online payment services. This coincides with the National Council for Electronic Payments’ cashless economy policies to achieve financial inclusion, ingrate the largest numbers of citizens into the banking sector, and eliminate informal economy.  These efforts will reduce cost of money transfer, increase tax receipts, safeguard individuals' right to protection, increase market competitiveness, and Improving the Quality of Regulations.

BM cares for providing the latest modern electronic services as well as the other banking products and services for its clients to fulfill their needs.