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In the light of the CBE Initiative Banque Misr funds small projects at a 5% simple diminishing return

Banque Misr further extends its leading role in supporting Egypt's economic and social development by participating in the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) initiative to support financing small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The CBE initiative aims at fighting unemployment, increasing the gross domestic product (GDP), and achieving sustainable development.

Banque Misr provides distinct financing schemes ranging from one million Egyptian pounds up to 20 million Egyptian pounds at a 5% simple diminishing return to match SMEs aspirations. The new programs are offered through specialized units located across the bank's extensive network of branches.

Banque Misr will also provide financial advice to the owners of new projects in order to support the creation of strong constructive institutions.

Banque Misr offers various funding programs that fit all the financing needs in the form of short and medium-term loans, in addition to providing letters of credit and letters of guarantee services.

Banque Misr strives to provide a diversified range of financing schemes to cater the needs of multi-sectorial businesses operating in the local market, in an effort to sustain economic and social growth.