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Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt Visits First Integrated Sector for Digital Banking Transformation at Banque Misr
Mr. Tarek Amer – Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt – visited the digital transformation sector at Banque Misr on Thursday, 3rd September 2020, which is considered the first of its kind. The visit was attended by Mr. Mohamed El-Etreby – Chairman of Banque Misr – and both Mr. Akef El-Maghraby and Mr. Hossam Abdel Wahab – Vice Chairmen of Banque Misr; as well as a number of Bank executives.

Mr. Mohamed El-Etreby stated that the Bank’s digital transformation sector constitutes the first integrated system to offer innovative digital solutions to the banking sector, with the aim of providing the best possible service to customers. Mr. El-Etreby also reiterated the Bank’s plan to develop its branches by adding advanced digital services, while asserting that the themes adopted by the digital transformation sector include innovative digital solutions, a better customer experience and building the necessary capabilities to ensure sustainable development. Mr. El-Etreby pointed to the strides taken by the Bank recently insofar as digital development and infrastructure in order to improve the performance of banking services.

On his part, Mr. Akef El-Maghraby noted Banque Misr’s transformation from conventional banking to spearheading the digital transformation of the Egyptian banking sector, clarifying that introducing the factors of digital transformation into the banking system will contribute substantially to improving the provisioning of banking and financial services. Mr. El-Maghraby mentioned the Bank’s adoption of the best in-breed digital transformation systems, coupled with upgrading the capabilities of its personnel.

Mr. Hossam Abdel Wahab asserted that digital transformation and supporting the Bank’s financial technologies will assist in benefitting from new promising paths for economic and financial development, with the objective of supporting growth and enabling more social segments to access suitable financial solutions.

Banque Misr constantly strives to offer outstanding services and maintain its long-standing success, together with actively partaking in innovative services that fulfil the needs of its customers. The Bank’s strategies and values reflect an unwavering commitment to sustainable development.