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Banque Misr extends the working hours till 7 pm at 75 branches to provide E-tax payment service to the customers

Banque Misr decides to extend the working hours within75 branches till 7 pm and this in order to provide Electronic Tax payment service for the customers and for the different tax directorates during the period from Tuesday 20/3/2018 until Thursday 29/3/2018, also during the period from Monday 23/4/2018 until Monday 30/4/2018 and this except for the public holidays in between these scheduled dates.

Also, Banque Misr provides his customers and the different tax authorities with Electronic Tax payment service on Friday 23/3/2018 and Saturday 24/3/2018, from 2 pm till 7 pm, as well as on Friday 31/3/2018 and Saturday 27/4/2018.

Further, Banque Misr enables his customers to use the service of Electronic Tax payment through a huge Network of Branches spread all over Egypt and this in collaboration with the competent authorities responsible of the electronic payment of Governmental and Non-Governmental authorities affiliated to Ministry of Finance.

The key advantages of Electronic Tax payment service, whether for individuals or institutions, lie in avoiding money transfer risks and facilitating payment method through the direct payment to the customer's account in addition to providing the customer with a document that shows his payment. Also, the customer may pay in different methods (in cash or through the deduction from current account); also this service is available for Banque Misr customers and non-customers, and the existence of multiple payment points.

 Moreover, Electronic Tax payment service is distinguished by providing the customer with two key elements; safety and speed, as the customer is not restricted to pay within the tax directorate at which he is registered also this service enables the tax payer not to be abided with geographical distribution in order to be more easy for the tax payers and to achieve the decentralization in paying taxes also in order not to take the risk of holding payment money.

 As for the Custom duties payment service, Banque Misr is considered the First Egyptian bank that enables individuals and governmental authorities to pay custom duties electronically since December 2005, where this service allows the customer to enquire about his outstanding custom duties or the outstanding custom duties of his organization and then the customer can pay such duties at any of Banque Misr branches that offer this service, as the customer's data are immediately changed showing that he has paid.

These different services are offered by Banque Misr within the framework of providing the customers with all the updated electronic services and other banking services and products to fulfill the customers' needs.