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Banque Misr Organizes a Seminar on Electronic Tax Declarations in Collaboration with the Egyptian Tax Authority to Spread Awareness

Banque Misr organized a seminar on the electronic tax declaration system in collaboration with the Egyptian Tax Authority, to spread awareness and enhance trust and confidence in the taxation community – especially the banking sector – being a main pillar in supporting the national economy, on Monday 29th March 2021 at Banque Misr headquarters via videoconference. The seminar shed light on the electronic declaration system and the declaration of profits of legal persons engaged in banking activities. This comes in line with the Bank’s continued cooperation and constructive collaboration with the Egyptian Tax Authority.

Maha Ali – Media Division Manager at the Office of ETA President – stated that the Authority hosts a series of seminars through videoconference, for the purpose of taxation awareness; targeting electronic declarations – including all financers – or the automated taxation procedures – incorporating major financers, medium financers and the self-employed.

Banque Misr’s participation in organizing this seminar comes in light of its belief in the importance of spreading financial awareness, financial and taxation culture, as significant topics having a notable impact on the Egyptian economy. For it is through the propagation of a sound awareness that it becomes possible to enhance economic development, by providing correct and reliable information.

The organization of this seminar also reflects the interest of both the Ministry of Finance and ETA to collaborate and communicate with all relevant parties – most important of which is the banking sector – due to its pivotal role in the Egyptian economy. This is in order to resolve all issues challenging the banking sector and to discuss all taxation matters that are of interest; since ETA seeks to offer distinctive taxation services, by undergoing various developments and upgrades to its systems.