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Banque Misr works to eliminate Hepatitis C in Egypt

Banque Misr sponsored the Tour n Cure event aimed at fighting the spread of Hepatitis C, as well as promoting tourism in Egypt through calls for treating Hepatitis C cases across the country and reducing the costs of Hepatitis C medication compared to other countries.

Banque Misr agreed to provide treatment for 500 Hepatitis C patients, to be distributed in cooperation with the Tahya Misr Fund, one of the most active entities in sponsoring activities aiming to eradicate Hepatitis C. In accordance with President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's initiative, which includes testing for and treating Hepatitis C in a number of universities, this treatment will be provided in Ain Shams University.

The Tahya Misr Fund moreover launched the first awareness programs to combat the spread of Hepatitis C, and held workshops to raise awareness on the disease. Additionally, equipped medical cars equipped were dispatched throughout the streets to test people for Hepatitis C for free. Further, medical authorities were sent to institutions and entities to conduct early testing for employees and provide free treatment for those found to have Hepatitis C.

According to world estimates, on average, one in every 50 people suffers from Hepatitis C, while in Egypt, the rate is much higher, at one in every seven people. Moreover, one in every 10 people suffers from chronic conditions due to their inability to seek treatment for Hepatitis C.

In October 2016, the World Health Organization sent a letter of thanks to the organizations that have worked to decrease the cases of Hepatitis C in Egypt, after 850,000 Egyptians were successfully treated.

Banque Misr seeks to continue its support for initiatives aimed at development, which benefit citizens and enrich their lives, particularly in relation to health and educational matters, as well as initiatives that support breadwinning women and the lowest-income villages across Egypt.