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Banque Misr receives EMEA Finance award for the “Best Project Finance House in Africa in 2017” for the third year in a row in addition to receiving five other awards for financing different projects

EMEA Finance, one of largest world financial and banking institutions, has announced the awards of the year 2017; where Banque Misr has been granted the award of the "Best Project Finance House in Africa" for the third year in a row. Such award stands as an emphasis on Banque Misr significant performance and powerful financial outcomes, and stands as a continuation of the marketing plans adopted by the Bank to attract new customers and various financing transactions in addition to Banque Misr commitment to implement its strategic and developmental objectives for the sake of supporting the National Economy in different fields and sectors.

Banque Misr as well has received five other awards with respect to different financing transactions in which BM has played the role of the lead arranger in collaboration with a number of the most distinguished and pioneer banks in the banking field. Whereas one of these financing transactions in the Energy sector has been awarded the "Best Project Financing Transaction across Africa in 2017", in addition to the other four financing transactions that took place within the sectors of renewable energy, financial services, electricity and real estate investment and they have been granted the award of the "Best Financing Transaction across Africa in 2017".

Furthermore, Banque Misr will be handed the awards over during the annual awards ceremony held by EMEA Finance each year in London. Such awards shed an intensive light on the huge progress achieved by Banque Misr Corporate Banking and Syndicated Loans Sector. Moreover, according to banks' evaluation carried out by Bloomberg Global, Banque Misr throughout the past four years has been ranked in the first place among the Best African Banks in the field of Marketing, Administrating and Arranging Syndicated Loans and Projects Financing. And through the period 01/01/2017 until 31/12/2017 Banque Misr has been able to arrange a number of syndicated loans as well as to finance and participate in various financing transactions within different fields such as; Electricity, Renewable Energy, Real Estate Investment, Oil and Gas, in addition to Project Development field with total amount 70.4 Billion EGP, and the insurance coverage of Banque Misr in these deals has reached about 20.6 Billion EGP. Such progress comes in the light of Banque Misr substantive achievements that can be clearly obvious through BM's endeavors in arranging the huge financing transactions of the different projects within all the main fields and sectors as well as through Banque Misr's effective involvement in the multifarious National Projects.