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Banque Misr cooperates in the inauguration of the headquarters of Bayt El-Tasmim (Design House) for Entrepreneurs at Nile University

In the light of the Cooperation Protocol between Banque Misr, the Egyptian Central and Nile University, the headquarters of Bayt El-Tasmin for Entrepreneurs at Nile University has been inaugurated on Monday corresponding to 14 May 2018 under the patronage of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar and in the presence of Chairman of Banque Misr, Mr. Mohamed El-Etreby and President of Nile University, Dr. Tarek Khalil.

Such Protocol of Cooperation includes organizing training sessions and workshops for Startup Companies and for the owners of Small and Medium Enterprises, these sessions and workshops are mainly based on design concepts and mythologies, as well as the tools and technologies of manufacturing in addition to the dynamic workshops that involve all the innovators, technicians, marketers and consumers in order to introduce the concepts of global products that reflect the customer's needs and requirements. Moreover, the target products include home appliances, furniture, integrated systems and hydro-electromechanical products, and the target categories are the startup companies and SMEs.

Not to mention that, adopting such initiative stems from Banque Misr point of view that innovation and developing new products is the key to achieve success in the various industries. Therefore, the protocol of cooperation aims at establishing a design unit that will empower industry and businessmen to innovate and develop new products with the most suitable costs and best quality through using the updated design technologies so as to fulfill the consumer's needs. Also Banque Misr constantly endeavors to meet the different needs of the whole segments of the society, thus contributing to the acceleration of development through combating unemployment and assisting in societal development. In this regard, Banque Misr has collaborated with the Ministry of Local Development in "Mashro'ak" program for the sake of financing the MSMEs through the single-window system in the 308 local units spread all over Egypt, and since 26/3/2015 until now the participation percentage of Banque Misr in these local units has reached 77% as the bank exists in 238 local units nationwide. Additionally, the existing Micro Enterprises loans have reached 929 Million EGP until 30/6/2017 and by the end of December 2017; the balance has reached up to 1.36 Billion EGP.   

That is to say, Banque Misr role is not restricted to financing the various projects only, but also it extends to supporting the small and medium enterprises to adopt sustainable practices in order to gain customer's trust, through holding training workshops in cooperation with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Frankfurt School for Finance and Management. So, Banque Misr has been engaged in organizing two training sessions through conducting workshops for the SMEs customers in Alexandria together with each of the Egyptian Banking Institution and one of the advisory bodies. As well, Banque Misr intends to spread such sessions and workshops all over the other governorates, thus to enable SMEs to make deliberate decisions and to train them on dealing with the daily basis financial constraints, as well as to allow these enterprises to take effective procedures to enhance their financial status in addition to providing such enterprises with assistance in supporting their financial and administrative systems.

In view of Banque Misr significant efforts, Global Banking and Finance Review Magazine has granted Banque Misr the two awards of "Fastest Growing SME Bank in Egypt 2017"and "Fastest Growing Bank for Micro Financing Egypt 2017"; Global Banking and Finance Review Magazine, located in London, is one of the world largest financial specialized magazines which bases its choice for the awarded banks on studies and analysis about the Egyptian Market and comparative studies concerning the banks subject of the award. Banque Misr has been awarded such awards in an appreciation for the high growth rates the Bank has achieved, especially in the field of financing SMEs, during 2017 in comparison with the previous years. By the same token, Banque Misr has received Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Award for Young Business Leaders (Entrepreneurship) for being the "Best SME Supporting Entity in the Arab Region" on 18 January 2018, owing to Banque Misr pioneer role in helping entrepreneurs and young investors as well as the National and developmental role of the Bank to help the Egyptian youths.