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The European Magazine recognizes Banque Misr as "The Best SME Bank in Egypt" and acknowledges Mr. Mohamed El-Etreby – Chairman of Banque Misr as the Best Banker in 2018

The European Magazine announces the winners of the Business Awards of 2018 through the magazine's latest edition, in which Banque Misr has been selected as "The Best SME Bank in Egypt" and the Chairman of Banque Misr, Mr. Mohamed El-Etreby has been recognized as the Best Banker in 2018; European Magazine is considered one of the most widespread global magazines, as it owns a huge distribution network within each of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin and North America as well as Asia. According to the European Magazine, there are several specified standards and guidelines on which choosing the awarded organizations and public figures is based, the most important of them is determining how significant is the impact of such organizations and public figures on the society in the regard of their societal responsibility to achieve sustainable development.

And it should be remembered that, Banque Misr has witnessed a huge leap in the growth rates of SMEs and Micro Finance, thus getting to be one of the largest Banks in this field; as the projects financing portfolio has increased to reach up to 149% in April 2018 this in comparison with April 2017.   

Accordingly, through financing these Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises Banque Misr has been able to have a remarkable impact on the life of approximately 400 thousand individuals representing the families of the finance recipients and the other individuals affected through working in these projects. These projects constitute the governorates' different needs within the various productional, agricultural and service-based domains whereas such projects are of pivotal role in economic development.

Also due to the fact that Banque Misr is recognized as one of the main pillars of National Economy, therefore Banque Misr constantly endeavors to finance all the enterprises regardless their sizes, as Banque Misr strongly believes that these enterprises are the engine of economic growth and the basis on which economic development is based. And owing to Banque Misr concern to finance the different segments of society contributing to the acceleration of development, Banque Misr has then participated in "Mashro'ak" program in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Development and a number of other banks; this program aims at financing MSMEs through the single-window system existing within the 308 local units spread all over the Egypt as Banque Misr has been present in 238 local units with a percentage of 77% since 26/03/2015. Additionally, the value of the loans granted to all the micro finance enterprises that amount to 57089 customers has reached 3.1 billion EGP until April 2018, thus acquiring 58% of the loans granted by the participating Banks as well as 50% of the total financing value.

In this regard, it should be recalled that, Banque Misr has been awarded several awards in the field of financing small, medium and micro enterprises; Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Award forYoung Business Leaders for being "The Best SME Supporting Entity in the Arab Region" in addition to the awards of "The Fastest Growing SME Bank in Egypt 2017" and "The Fastest Growing Bank for Micro Financing in Egypt 2017".

Further, Banque Misr is always keen on entering into new effective initiatives as well as concluding the different protocols that would help in the community development, including but not limited to, financing the workshops of El-Roubiki leather city, contributing to the improvement of the industrial zones through financing the establishment of industrial compounds for the small, medium and micro enterprises, and financing the workshops of Damietta Furniture City in addition to financing the pharmacists sector.

Moreover, the role played by Banque Misr is not restricted to providing the customers with financial support only, but also it extends to include non-financial support through organizing series of professional training sessions to assess entrepreneurs, and through following-up the customers on a regular base and counseling them so as to achieve success and progress, thus leading to the implementation of sustainable development.

Notably, Chairman of Banque Misr, Mr. Mohamed El-Etreby has been successfully awarded a number of honoring awards as an appreciation and recognition for his prominent role in serving the National Economy; so the General Secretary of "Arab Best" award has acknowledged Mr. Mohamed El-Etreby as one of the "Best 100 Arab CEOs" in 2017. In addition, El-Etreby has lately received the award of Business Today Magazine for the Best Influential Figure positively impacting the Egyptian Economy in 2017.