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Banque Misr and a significant participation in the International Exhibition on Telecommunication and Information Technology – Cairo ICT 2018
In line with the current development in the field of Information and Communication Technology; and owing to Banque Misr's strong belief in the pioneer and active role played by this sector in the society's economic and social development and prosperity; thus, Banque Misr has significantly participated in Cairo ICT 2018 Exhibition. Additionally, Cairo ICT 2018 Exhibition has witnessed active and positive participation by Banque Misr; whereas, for several years, Banque Misr has been keen on being involved in this huge event. This year, Banque Misr was distinguished by its presence in a large pavilion of the newest models, through which Banque Misr has provided its visitors with information about the various services and products offered by the bank using a highly trained team to market the Bank's different retail banking products including various types of loans such as; car loan, personal loan, SMEs loans as well as a variety of electronic payment cards.

Further, it is noteworthy that Banque Misr communicates with its customers on a 24-hour basis through specialized communication means including; the 24-hour phone banking service on the bank's hotline No.19888 through applying the most recent international technological systems, whereas Banque Misr provides the customers with 24/7 communication service through the Customer Service agents or the Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Besides, Banque Misr has recently launched the Chat Bot service for the first time in Egypt in order to assist and serve the customers day-and-night; this interactive service is considered a step towards the digital transformation where customers can interact interactively with the robotic assistant at all times without waiting, which is reflected then on the speed and flexibility of customer service to enhance the efficiency and easiness of the service. It is also worth mentioning that this technology contributes to diversifying the means of communication with the customers, which helps in improving the transactions and reinventing business models. 

Moreover, Banque Misr owns an advanced network of ATMs that amount to nearly  2292 machines spread all over Egypt, which offer withdrawal and deposit services, currency exchange, bill payment, donations and cash transfer services, whether or not through using the card, and equipped with the most recent technology. As well, these ATMs are linked electronically to more than 620 branches operating as one branch for the sake of serving customers and in order to facilitate the customer's transactions through his/her account whenever and wherever the customer is.

Furthermore, Banque Misr always endeavors to be effectively present in the different exhibitions and conferences, as they will be a method of communication through which Banque Misr can elaborate its distinguished banking products and services that suit all the categories of society.