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Banque Misr Scores Two Awards from International Global Brands Magazine for Best Commercial Brand and Best Bank in CSR – Egypt 2019
Banque Misr won two awards for the Best Commercial Brand and the Best Bank in CSR in Egypt for the year 2019 from the international Global Brands magazine. The awards were announced in a big ceremony organized by the magazine in South Africa on Friday, 30 August 2019. The two awards were received by Dr Fatma El-Goully – Head of Corporate Communications at Banque Misr. The ceremony was attended by many distinguished organizations and highly profile businesspeople from around the world.
The awards are given to the best commercial brand by performance in all sectors, as well as the Corporate Social Responsibility activities for the year. The selection criteria for all winning institutions is based on a number of standards related to performance and the strategy adopted by such institutions.
These awards are considered a certificate of confidence for the best performance and business model. The magazine selects the best commercial brands based on an evaluation by a group of field experts. Banque Misr has recently won many awards covering various business segments, such as small and medium projects funding, micro-finance, money market funds and short-term investment funds, corporate credit and syndicated loans, Islamic banking, and corporate social responsibility. The number of awards won by the bank has reached 15 awards thus far in 2019. These awards are all given by international institutions in recognition of the bank’s achievements and efforts in various fields as one of the national economy pillars and the first bank fully owned by Egyptians.
Banque Misr has won two other awards from the British The European magazine for the Bank of the Year – Egypt 2019 and the award for the Best Bank in Financial Inclusion in Egypt for the same year. Banque Misr was also named Bank of the Year – Egypt 2018 through the classification by The Banker international magazine. The bank also won the award for the Best Egyptian Bank for Banking Transactions in the Asian continent in 2019 from the international Asia Money “Euromoney” magazine.
Banque Misr has also won many international awards in the CSR domain, including the award for the Best Bank in CSR – Egypt 2018, the award for the Best Bank in Environmental Sustainability in Egypt in 2019; both from the British Global Business Outlook magazine. The bank also won the award for the Best Bank in CSR – Egypt from the International Business magazine for the years 2018 and 2019. It also won the award for the Best Bank in CSR – Egypt 2019 from the International Finance magazine.
Banque Misr is one of the largest banks in terms of social responsibility. The bank is one of the institutions with the highest level of awareness in relation to environmental and social responsibility as well as the governance rules that should be adopted by an institution and that complements its performance indicators and the sustainability of its operations on the long term. Banque Misr was the first government-owned Egyptian bank to get the Global Reporting Initiative – GRI’s approval and to report on the bank’s performance in accordance with the sustainability principles through observing governance, human rights, anti-corruption, and community participation while also observing environmental safety standards. Banque Misr also complies with the UN Global Compact standards for citizenship (corporate social responsibility). Banque Misr has spent around EGP 750 million in CSR during the fiscal year 2018/2019.
These awards are a recognition of the bank’s efforts and an affirmation of the bank’s leading role and its constant ability to achieve strong performance standards through its attributes for a sustainable growth. Banque Misr was originally established to significantly contribute to the well-being and prosperity of Egypt and it has delivered on this mission for over a 100 years; where offering baking services to Egyptians of all kinds comes at the forefront as Banque Misr does not only seek financial gain but acts as a catalyst for national and strategic development. This underlines the bank’s commitment to sustainability and continuous development.
Banque Misr always strives to develop and enhance the value of the services offered to its customers to satisfy their various needs and requirements utilizing the latest technologies to be able to provide its services in the most efficient form.