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Banque Misr achieves a jump in growth rates for all business sectors for the fiscal year 2016/2017

​The initial financial indicators of Banque Misr's performance show significant growth in all the business sectors of the Bank, this year has witnessed steady increase in the size of the Bank's business. As well as, the total financial position has increased from last year's 430 billion EGP to reach 786 billion EGP approximately in June 30, 2017 with about 82% growth rate, also the deposits of the customers have witnessed significant growth with about 191 billion EGP to increase from 341 billion EGP to reach 532 billion EGP in June 30, 2017 with 56% growth rate. The Net borrowings of customers have also increased from 128 billion EGP to reach this year about 178 billion EGP with 40% growth rate, and despite of the recent economic challenges and their outcomes on the entire banking system, the nonperforming loans have reached 3.71% only from the total loans.

In June 2017, the Retail Portfolio has increased with an amount of 5.7 Billion EGP than last year, with 35.6% growth rate to reach 21.7 Billion EGP while last year the retail portfolio reached 16 Billion EGP. Also, the number of exported cards have exceeded 5,48 Million cards where most of them work with Smart Chip system, accordingly Banque Misr is ranked the Second in the number of Electronic cards among the Egyptian Banks. Banque Misr is also ranked the First in collecting the transactions of traders, where the number of locations of the traders contracted with Banque Misr has reached 15794 locations all over the Governments of Egypt. Additionally, the number of transactions related to the traders contracted with the Bank (Point of sale machines and E-Commerce system) has increased to more than 9.08 Billion EGP per year, Banque Misr also provides these locations with the most updated point of sale machines that corresponds to the international standards of (PCI DSS) and according to the requirements of International Organizations.

It is worth noting that, Banque Misr reserves the First place for twelve years among the Egyptian Banks participating in the Mechanization System of Salaries established by the Ministry of Finance in 2005, with 48% Market Share and 2.4 Million Cards related to 890 Governmental Agencies contracted with Banque Misr. Throughout the fiscal year, the salaries of both the private and public sectors have reached more than 55 Billion EGP paid by the Bank. 

As part of the Bank's strategy to fulfill all the needs and desires of its customers, Banque Misr offers different solutions for the process of mechanizing the salaries for the companies related to private and public sectors, through providing different products of transferring salaries (salary

cards – salary accounts) where the companies contracted with Banque Misr has reached 744 Companies with 504 thousand cards and 53,6 thousand accounts.

Lately Banque Misr has inaugurated a number of branches as part of its strategy to spread its branches on a wide scale all over Egypt. Banque Misr as well, owns the largest network of branches that exceeds more than 600 branches nationwide apart from its presence both on the regional and global level (United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Paris, Germany, China and Russia), beside a large network of correspondents covering the whole world. Due to the Bank's significant services, the Bank owns a developed network of Automated Teller Machines (ATM) that reaches approximately 2134 Machines, providing multiple services such as: withdrawal, depositing, currency changing, payment of invoices and donations, as well as offering the services of cash transfers either through using cards or not, these ATMs are widely spread all over Egypt and equipped with the most updated technological techniques.

In order to strengthen the Egyptian Economy and as part of Banque Misr's role to develop the Egyptian society, Banque Misr has provided funding for the customers of Small, Medium and Micro business projects to combat unemployment and for the sake of increasing the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and achieving the sustainable development. Therefore by the end of the fiscal year 30/6/2017, the total of the limits authorized for the portfolio of Small, Medium and Micro business Projects reached 6 Billion EGP and the number of customers reached nearly 60 thousand customers, which have increased by the end of October 2017 to reach 8 Billion EGP for the portfolio and 66 thousand customers.

Due to the Bank's concern to meet the different needs of all the segments of the society, and to contribute in accelerating the development through fighting against unemployment and improving the society. Hence, Banque Misr has participated with the Ministry of Local Development in "Mashrou'ak" program for the purpose of funding Small and Micro business projects through the single counters available at the local units spread all over Egypt. In addition, the number of local units has reached 308 units where Banque Misr exists in 238 units with 77% as of 26/3/2015, and until 30/6/2017 the number of loans offered to all Micro business projects reached 1.3 Billion EGP while the number of customers reached 58634 customers.

According to the framework of Banque Misr's developmental leading role in the field of financial inclusion, Banque Misr has supported Small and Medium Enterprises to adopt sustainable practices in order to gain confidence through holding training workshops. These training workshops are held in cooperation with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Frankfurt University. Banque Misr as well has organized training course through a workshop conducted for the customers of Small and Medium Business projects

in Alexandria, in collaboration with one of the consultative bodies. Additionally, Banque Misr seeks to spread the idea of workshops within the rest of Governorates, whereas the idea of workshops is considered an effective method to achieve financial inclusion, due to the fact that these workshops enable Companies and Enterprises to undertake conscious decisions and effective procedures to improve their financial conditions, as well as to deal with financial complexities on a daily basis and to help in supporting the Financial and Administrative systems of the company.

In December 2017, Global Banking and Finance Review Magazine has awarded Banque Misr as the Fastest Growing SME Bank in Egypt 2017, in addition to the award as the Fastest Growing Micro Finance in Egypt 2017.

Moreover, Global Banking and Finance Review is one of the largest specialized Financial Magazines in the world that is based in London. The magazine chooses the awarded banks on the basis of profound studies and analysis for the Egyptian Market and depending on comparative studies for the Banks' performance in the field subject of the Award. Banque Misr has been honored this award as a respect to the high growth rates achieved by the Bank in 2017 in comparison with the previous years, especially regarding funding SME and Micro business projects.

On the other hand, Banque Misr's corporate credit sector and syndicated loans sector have successfully fulfilled arranging, funding and participating in a number of funding operations as of 1/7/2016 until 30/6/2017, with total funding amount that reached 74.2 Billion EGP. Funding operations included various sectors (Electricity, Cement, Real Estate Investments, Petroleum and etc..), and the value of the warranty coverage for Banque Misr in these operations has reached 14.3 Billion EGP.       

Pursuant to the classification of Bloomberg Global for the third quarter of 2017, Banque Misr was ranked in the First place over the Egyptian Banking Market in administrating and arranging syndicated loans, and in project finance. As well as being the second over the African Continent in marketing, administrating and arranging syndicated loans and in project finance, such classification over Africa shows Banque Misr's persistence on achieving excellent results in marketing and arranging syndicated loans and in project finance.

Moreover, Banque Misr was ranked among the top Egyptian Banks according to Bloomberg's list for the top 20 Banks during 2017 in marketing, arranging the syndicated loans and in funding  projects over the Middle East and North Africa.

Banque Misr was also recognized by EMEA Finance institution as the best Bank in project finance all over the African Continent in 2016, for the second year successively, also EMEA Finance institution has awarded Banque Misr the "Best Syndicated Loan House in Africa"  award in 2015. This award highlights the great achievements done by the Bank in arranging and marketing more than 20 syndicated loans through this year, where the awards have been distributed during the events of the annual awards ceremony, held by EMEA institution in London each year; EMEA Finance is one of the largest Global institutions in the field of Finance and Banking.

Due to Banque Misr's eloquent performance, the Bank has received five other awards for participating in and arranging funding processes with a number of leading and distinguished Banks in the Banking Sector. Where, one of these processes that belongs to infrastructure sector has received the award of "The Best process of project finance for 2016 in Europe, Middle East and Africa", while four other processes of project finance have received the award of " Best project finance process for 2016 all over the African Continent" in the following sectors (Communication, Transportation, Infrastructure and Community-based development).

Since the strategy of Banque Misr aims at providing projects finance as well as supporting investment, thus IJ Global institution has awarded Banque Misr the "Best project finance process for 2016 in the Middle East and North Africa" award, regarding a project finance process related to Transportation Sector.

In the light of, the intensive marketing plans adopted by Banque Misr in order to attract new customers and financing processes, as well as the Banque Misr's commitment to implement its strategic and developmental objectives for the sake of supporting the National Economy in all the different fields and sectors. Thus, Banque Misr currently strives to fulfill a number the large targeted financing processes pending, under consideration, within different sectors such as (Specialized Contracting, Maritime Transportation, Energy and Fertilizers, etc…) with an amount of 81.3 Billion EGP, and the estimated warranty coverage amount for Banque Misr in these processes is 33.3 Billion EGP approximately, all of the aforementioned is an asserts the role of Banque Misr as one of the leading Banks in the Egyptian Banking Market.

Concerning the retail banking activities related to Islamic Banking, the number of the Islamic Banking branches has reached 35 Branch in June, 2017 covering all over Egypt, also the credit portfolio of the Islamic Banking has increased from 4 Billion EGP in June, 2016 to reach 6 Billion EGP in June, 2017.

The Islamic Banking Sector of Banque Misr has participated in sharing a short term syndicated Islamic financing, in the nature of sharing, with a share of 500 Million EGP in order to fund part of the investment costs related to establishing a real estate investment project, at special location in New Cairo. The total investment cost of the project has reached 18.4 Billion EGP, in addition to the role performed by Banque Misr as both facility agent and security agent.   

 Further, Banque Misr has cooperated with both of; El-Taamir for Mortgage Finance Company and Misr El-Gedida Housing and Development Company, in financing the process of Lease Contract related to the purchase and re-lease of the land of the club located in  New Heliopolis City, with a risk sharing system with an amount of 450 Million EGP for the purpose of paying for the completion of the unexecuted facilities of New Heliopolis project (electric power supply station and water systems).

It is worth noting that, the branches of the Islamic transactions belonging to Banque Misr (Kenana) provide all the modern banking services, including the issuance of all the types of cards (Debit Cards and Islamic credit cards). In addition, these branches provide a group of different updated products for servicing the customers of the Islamic transactions branches (Kenana), such as the products of the various Murabaha. To illustrate, the Murabaha of pilgrimage and umrah in order to practice the rituals of pilgrimage and umrah on installments, the Murabaha of durable goods through purchasing them on installments, the Murabaha of the tour trips in order to pay for them on installment, and the Murabaha of purchasing a car as well as Murabaha of the education process to finance the payments and requirements of the educational expenses.

Further explanation, these Islamic branches (Kenana) provide the service of  Takaful Bancassurance "Takaful Banking Insurance" with the assistance of the Egyptian Takaful Life Insurance Company in the field of the SMEs projects, and  within the framework of the Central Bank of Egypt initiative to finance SMEs projects, several financing programs have been suggested to finance such projects that meet the customers' different needs and requirements of, in addition to the program of financing micro projects.

This year, Banque Misr has received the award of the "Best Provider of the Money Market Funds and Short-Term Investments in the Middle East 2017", where it is the 9th time the for Banque Misr to receive an award by Global Finance in terms of honoring the efforts exerted by the Bank. Whereas, the achievements and successfulness of Banque Misr is always in continuous, as in 2009 Banque Misr was granted an award in Treasury and Cash Management as the "Best Provider of Money Market Funds in Africa and the Middle East" for both years 2009 and 2010, also was granted the "Best Provider of Money Market Funds in the Middle East" for the years 2008, 2012, 2013, and 2014. Additionally, Banque Misr received also the award of "Best Provider of the Money Market Funds and Short-Term Investments" successively in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Global Finance is one of the largest specialized Financial Magazines in the world, where its headquarters is based in New York, and it depends on certain International Banking Standards and the suggestions of significant International Banking analysts, in terms of choosing the awarded Banks. Such award is granted to the best Bank all over the Middle East and to the bank of the highest degree of excellency in terms of revenue, quality of the services provided to the customers, market share, competitive prices in comparison with the other Banks, and in using the updated and creative Banking technologies.

In addition to all the above mentioned, Banque Misr complements its work on supporting and enhancing the environment driven by the Bank's leading role in the societal responsibility. This duty is implemented through the effective participation either in a direct or indirect way, through Banque Misr's organization for the sake of developing the society in different activities and initiatives that have a social character, as well as achieving the best for the society in general within multifarious fields as; Health, Education, Social Solidarity and Societal Development. For instance, societal development takes place through projects as developing and improving the needy Egyptian villages as well as developing the slum areas, and all what is serves human being. Thus, the total amounts expended throughout the fiscal year 2016/2017 have reached about 400 Million EGP, and the amounts expended till the end of 2017 have reach more than 530 Million EGP.