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Misr El-Kheir honors Banque Misr for the Bank’s significant role in financing Micro-Enterprises and providing thousands of employment opportunities for the neediest villages within El-Menia Governorate

During Misr El-kheir Second Development Partners Celebration, Chairman of Misr El-Kheir's Board of Trustees – Professor Dr. Ali Gomaa has granted the Chairman of Banque Mr. Mohamed El-Etriby a Certificate of Honor for the Bank's significant role and endeavors in financing the Micro Enterprises and offering thousands employment opportunities for the most deserving and neediest villages in El-Menia Governorate through the collaboration with Misr El-Kheir organization. As part of the ceremony, Misr El-Kheir has awarded a number of Corporates and Partners in Egypt and the Arab Gulf as well as International Organizations involved in the development process, implemented by Misr El-Kheir. The celebration has witnessed also honoring a number of donors.

This celebration takes place in the light of the Cooperation Protocol concluded between Banque Misr and Misr El-Kheir Organization, as Banque Misr is considered one of Misr El-Kheir Development Partner. Where, the said Protocol of Cooperation was mainly concluded for the purposes of; providing financing opportunities to carry-out Income-Generating Projects within El-Menia Governorate, through the carrying-out different Micro Enterprises for the youths and female breadwinners, in addition to trading businesses and vocational businesses that fulfills high-priority needs of these targeted villages within El-Menia so that self-sufficiency can be achieved within the targeted villages. And concerning the implementation of the aforesaid projects, there are 50 Micro-Enterprises and 300 female breadwinning projects that have been implemented, in addition to the implementation of 500 Greenhouses in one agricultural complex (4 Greenhouses for each farmer) and the agriculture of 200 Feddans, as well as the revitalization of 2 Agricultural Cooperative Associations. And this for the sake of, making the most of business volume increase, cost reduction, risk distribution and profits increase. Moreover, the Fund provided by Banque Misr will not be restricted to projects' implementation only, but also it will include providing technical and vocational trainings for 300 individual and providing hospitality training for 150 individual, and this in order to ensure qualifying the capacities and skills of the projects implementers.     

It is worth mentioning that, lately Banque Misr has adopted a noble approach under the slogan "Citizen's right to a decent life" that emanates from BM's Strategy and Objective to exist as a huge financial entity as Banque Misr is considered one of the pillars of National Economy. This approach concentrates on finding financial solutions for all the segments of society regardless their different needs, which is going to have an outstanding impact on the individual's income and the living conditions of the family, the campaign will also have its national return as it will lead to whole Economic prosperity and the positive impact on the GDP.

Furthermore, Banque Misr is considered one of the Largest Banks with expertise in the field of Community responsibility and one of the institutions most realizing for the Environmental and Social Responsibilities and the rules of governance that lie on the burden of the institution, and integrate with the standards of its performance and the sustainability of its work over the long term. Whereas, Banque Misr is the First Egyptian State-owned Bank that receives the approval of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), where Banque Misr determines its work in accordance with the principles of sustainability through putting the Governance and Human Rights into consideration, also through fighting corruption and community engagement side by side with considering the Environmental Safety Standards. Banque Misr as well, works in accordance with the UN Global Compact standards for citizenship (the Community Responsibility of Institutions). Moreover it is worth noting that, Banque Misr has paid about 400 Million EGP within the field of Community Responsibility for the fiscal year 2016/2017, and in the second half of the year 2017, the expenditures of BM have reached more than 530 Million EGP.

Thus, Banque Misr constantly endeavors to be a Role Model for all the institutions working in the same field and an ideal in supporting the Egyptian Society and Economy, through all the methods available for all the fields and areas.