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Banque Misr foundation contributes EGP 63.5 million to ain shams university hospitals serving more than 150,000 children annually
The new Demerdash Children Hospital – one of the Ain Shams University Hospitals, has been inaugurated. The Hospital represents one of the contributions of Banque Misr to improve medical services provided to more than 150,000 children every year. These contributions come through the "Banque Misr Foundation" where an amount of EGP 19 million was provided to fully equip two paediatric Intensive Care Units and a floor for internal patients.
The Bank Misr Foundation for Community Development has previously established an Intensive Care Unit - at the cost of EGP 10 million - at the Surgery Hospital, which is another one of the Aim Shams University Hospitals. Moreover, and out of the Foundation's keenness to maintain a high-quality level of service, it handles all nursing costs and has done so since the inauguration of the unit to-date which amounts to around EGP 10 million.
Banque Misr Foundation has participated with EGP 1.5 million to equip two quarantine rooms and a medium care unit at the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit that is part of the Clinical Diseases and Oncology Unit at the Internal Medicine Hospital. The Foundation is also currently preparing three operation rooms and care units at the cost of EGP 23 million at the fourth floor of the Cardiovascular Diseases Hospital – a Ain Shams University Hospital. The Banque Misr Foundation contributions towards the Ain Shams University Hospitals amount to a total of EGP 63.5 million.
Banque Misr is a leader in social responsibility as it believes in its role as one of the main factors in achieving sustainable development. The Bank participates whether directly or indirectly through its non-profit Foundation in many society development-related activities and initiatives. Banque Misr Foundation for Community Development was established under the number 2007/7045. The Foundation works for achieving the best for the community covering various domains such as health, education, social solidarity, community development, slums development, as well as any other projects that focus on human development. Example for such endeavors are projects for developing the neediest Egyptian villages through small and micro projects to help create job opportunities for youth and single mothers in cooperation with non-governmental organizations. Banque Misr has spent around EGP 600 million on community development during the fiscal year 2017/2018.
Banque Misr has recently won several international awards recognizing its social responsibility efforts; out of which is the "The Best Bank in Social Responsibility – Egypt" for the years 2018 and 2019 from the British "Global Business Outlook" magazine; "The Best Bank in Social Responsibility – Egypt" for the years 2018 and 2019 from "International Business" magazine; "The Best Bank in Social Responsibility – Egypt 2019" from the "International Finance" magazine; "The Best Bank in Social Responsibility – Egypt 2019" from the "Global Brands" magazine.