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Banque Misr Launches a Promotional Campaign Entitled "Banque Misr… With You Anytime, Anywhere" to Spread Awareness on Banking Products and Services and Enhance Financial Inclusion
Banque Misr has launched a promotional campaign entitled "Banque Misr… With You Anytime, Anywhere" to spread awareness on the various banking products and services; through a roadshow that is set to kick-off effective 6th July 2021 in the areas of Khankah, Salam, Al-Marg, Al-Khusous, Al-Nahda and Al-Hirafiyeen. This comes in light of the Bank's strive towards strengthening financial inclusion, which aims to enable all social segments to access financial products and services that fulfil their various needs and to onboard those operating on the fringes of the informal economy. The campaign also shed light on the different electronic payment means aimed at limiting the use of cash; and the gradual shift towards a cashless society, which constitutes one of the Bank's central pillars in supporting financial inclusion. Simultaneously, Banque Misr offered numerous promotional privileges that included exempting customers from the charges of various products; such as Meeza debit card, Meeza pre-paid card, BM Wallet, BM Online and account opening charges.

The Bank also educated the customers residing in these areas on the various finance products provided by Banque Misr to project owners – whether directly or as a product under the initiative of the Central Bank of Egypt. The Bank's employees are also present to promote the "Express Loan" for financing micro enterprises, which allows customers to apply for the loan and obtain the credit approvals at their places of business; whereby the Bank's representative typically visits the customer, completes all the required paperwork, renders the needed approvals on the same day and disburses the loan on the following day, at most. Worth noting is that the automation of micro finance mechanisms reflects on a reduced turnaround time and an increased database of micro project owners.

This is coupled with the Bank's rendering of non-financial services to business and project owners via business development centers established as part of the CBE's Nilepreneurs initiative; such as creating the concept for a new business project, registering and acquiring licenses, feasibility studies, financial assessment and analysis services, training, capacity building, workshops, facilitating access to finance, publishing knowledge and available data on SMEs and networking between suppliers and target markets. This comes in line with Banque Misr's strong belief in the role of micro, small and medium enterprises MSMEs in the national economy and hence, in reducing unemployment and improving income levels. This is coupled with the Bank's pioneering role in endorsing entrepreneurship and its endeavors implemented through its social development institution towards rendering communal and developmental services to those geographical areas.

Worth noting is that Banque Misr has been a keen participant in all the initiatives and campaigns launched by the CBE; most notable of which is the financial inclusion initiative, the support of women, entrepreneurs and MSME owners; such as to significantly contribute to the Egyptian economy and raise individual standards of living. Banque Misr has also been one of the first banks to partake in educating the public on financial inclusion, ever since its inception in Egypt in 2014 under the sponsorship of the CBE, through its membership in the National Committee for Financial Education and its support of the national initiative for financial education entitled "Ashan Bokra" (for tomorrow), targeting all social segments. Through this campaign, the Bank has educated the residents of these areas via the "Egyptian Banking Model" team, which has educated customers on the importance of savings, transacting with banks and utilizing the various services provided by them.

Banque Misr supports all state efforts directed towards achieving financial inclusion; whether by financially educating customers and non-customers and focusing on women, youth and entrepreneurs. The Bank further introduces banking products that accommodate all age groups, while keeping abreast of current technological developments, to fulfil all customer expectations and onboard marginalized segments that do not transact with banks, so as to incorporate them through financial inclusion.