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Under the slogan “Support Egypt in Russia 2018” Banque Misr Announces funding the Travels to Russia beside funding Tours inside and outside Egypt

Driven by Banque Misr's significant role in providing better services, and its ultimate concern to share with the Egyptians their joyfulness as the National Team qualifies to the Russian Mondial 2018, Banque Misr decides to fund the tours to Russia within the different programs of tours whether inside or outside Egypt and within the programs of Pilgrimage and Omra, in order to support the Egyptian Football Team in Mondial 2018, and to facilitate traveling to the different Russian cities.     

Moreover, Banque Misr implements different programs to fund Trips and Tours, these funding programs are provided to all the employees in the Egyptian Institutions such as; Ministries and Governmental Agencies, as well as Public, Private and Investment Sectors. These programs are also provided to the self-employed and to the owners of commercial and industrial activities, in addition to the pensioners whom receive retirement funds.

Banque Misr is considered the only Bank that initiates and implements the idea of paying for the tours on installments till up to 6 years in order to support the Tourism Sector to overcome its crisis, this idea has been implemented within all the branches of the bank; of about 600 branches all over Egypt.

Further, Banque Misr is always keen on taking part in the recent events and participating with the society, in addition to the efforts exerted by Banque Misr for the sake of satisfying the needs and requirements of the clients, beside the constant improvement of the Existing Saving Schemes and updating all the recent methods that conforms with such requirements.